This information contains the complete roster of the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and the 1st Massachusetts Sharpshooters, with accompanying genealogical notes, as far as known.   This is a work in progress, and there may be errors.  Any additions or corrections would be very welcome.

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Sources: The basic roster sources are: 
  • The 1870 Roster of Massachusetts Regiments, produced by the Massachusetts Adjutant General.
  • Ford, Andrew E., "The Story of the Fifteenth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War 1861-1864," W. J. Coulter Press, 1898
  • "Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War", Compiled and published by The Adjutant General in accordance with Chapter 475, Acts of 1899 and Chapter 64, Resolves of 1930, Vol. VII, Norwood Press, Printed at the Norwood Press, 1931. (MASSCW)

Note: Contrary to the usual rules of genealogy, in this case the later document is more likely to be correct.  The roster in 1870 is still subject to the "fog of war."  Ford's history relies on the 1870 roster with additions from the veterans of the 15th who were still living when the history was written.  The MASSCW appears to have cross checked the information with pension applications which were available to official government offices.  Even so, there are still discrepancies between the rosters.

Other sources are many and varied, both reliable and questionable.  They are not individually given here in the interest of space.   Visitors should feel free to question or challenge any conclusions here. 

Finally, my overwhelming gratitude to all those descendants and researchers who have taken the time to write and contribute their information and (digital) artifacts to the 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.