April 27, 1861, Baltimore

To Brother Alfred.

Yours of the 20th inst. was not received till last Thursday, being the first mail from the east since the brutal attack upon the Mass. Reg. by the Secession Mob of this city. Encouraged by men (?) who I suppose consider themselves among the first Citizens of Baltimore. I will not go into particulars as L has doubtless given you all of these in this. I can only say I hope it will never be my lot to witness a repetition of that scene- and farther to live under such a Sentiment as prevailed here for a week afterwards. For several days a "Union Man" did not dare avow his sentiment, it really seemed there were none to be found and the glorious old Stars & Stripes were no where to be seen, but in their stead, the flag of Maryland & the "Seven Stars & three Stripes". I was told to hide the U.S. flag that had been laying in the office for a few days "for fear some of the mob would see it". What we are coming to if a man is afraid to have the Stars & Stripes found in his possession?

I was told that all Northerners would be notified as fast as they were found out, so perhaps my time will come.

The young man (Lamb) who married Nancy G______s cousin, and his two brothers have had notice. Also Jos. Whitney.

Mr. DeYoung has discharged all his help but me and I expect to go board with him next week.

Now I would like to have some of the patriotic Baltimorians inform me what they have accomplished by all this trouble and expense, and I do really believe there are more troops in Washington today than there would have been had they not attacked the Mass boys. There has been several of their own men accidentally shot by the careless use of fire arms in the hands of the crowd.

The City are in a tight place and they know it too. They have armed the Mob and now their study is to dis-arm it, and not have it get the better of them in so doing.

(Sunday Morning)

Well, things do not look quite as war-like this morning as they did a week ago-citizens appear to be going to church without their guns- last Sunday they took them into their pews, and I presumed some of them had them cocked, if they were not in that condition themselves. I see by the papers this morning that Shermans Artillery is between here and Wilmington and are going through Baltimore - if so we are liable to have another fight.

The Stars & Stripes were raised on Federal Hill night before last, and in several other places, and the City authorities have isued an order that flags of all kind must be "taken in" during the session of the Legislature.

There was a party of Policeman sent to take down the Stars & Stripes, when one of them upon arriving at the spot drew his revolver and swore he would protect the flag of his country, he was arrested an of course discharged. I cannot say any more at this time, only that there is a good deal of doubt about Maryland Seceeding.

Tell Tom I shall attend to his case soon. Give my love to all and _____ ____

Yours Truly

"Gen. Boar-a-guard",

Comd. Army of Southern Confederacy.