May 1, 1861, Baltimore

My dear Wife,

I have this moment received your of the 26th but it is post marked the 28th. So I think in the excitement you have lost two days. I also received the lines of Mr. Kernney & George by private conveyance for which am very much obliged. I was glad to hear of your safe arrival, and will now acknowledge that I had some fears of your being stopped on your passage out of the harbor.

You cannot imagine the difference of Sentiment on the street today (and in fact since Saturday last). Now a Union man is not afraid to avow his sentiments and even wear the "Star Spangled Banner" as a badge- they are thick as flies this morning. It seems you had not received my letter when you wrote but doubtless _____ ___ this. I donít think I shall be in a hurry about leaving Balt. especially as Mr. DeYoung wants I should stay with him for the present and further wants I should come and board at his house, so I shall be ____ of my board. I was intending to have gone last week but ____ come h_____ and he had got to get another bedstead & make further arrangements. Expect to now go up there tonight. He said he wished you were coming there for company for his wife. I almost wish you were here, though you will doubtless enjoy yourself more at home.

I have got everything packed (the _____ included) and stored at So____ & co. The Mirror, Bookcase, old Bureau & Green Chest & Mahog Easy chair ready for sending to Mass when an opportunity occurs, the balance am going to sell when they will bring anything. Before I moved them I saw a vessel up for Boston and went and inquired about freight- which as only 20 cts per foot (the usual price 8 or 10 cts.). There is now one up at 12 Ĺ cts per foot. Do you think I had better send them at that, or wait awhile? I do not think there is really any danger of this city being burned, if it is they will share the fate of all others I suppose. I wrote to Alfred last Sunday. Shall write to Tom soon. Helen Braman is contented as needs be- so not seem at all desirous of leaving. I really pitied her the day you left. They are all well as usual. I got some cold yesterday in my head, which makes me rather thick headed this morning- donít think of any thing more to interest you so I will close. Give my best regards to _____ & family also Geo & Lydia.

Yours with much love


P.S. Have you seen anything of the Furlongs or Pauleys yet.