Oct. 25, 1861, Poolesville Md.

My dear Wife - I shall commence another letter tonight and give you as long a one as possible & I fear you will not get very long ones until we get things straightened out somewhat. It will take us some days to get thoroughly armed & equipped again as a great many guns & uniforms were thrown into the river. Many of the men begin to feel the effects of swimming the river as they did, and travelling as far afterwards. I felt about as old as I ever did the second morning (Wednesday) - was stiff in every joint and cord which seemed to be the trouble with all, but have had so much to do in the way of running about have not had time to be sick.

(Saturday Morning)--We have just go orders to go to the river on picket duty. So I must cut this short. I enclose a little sketch of the battleground at Ballís Bluff. You will see noís 1, 2 & 3 show the predictions of the forces in the first fight - and the others in the main battle. It was drawn by our Doct. Simond & is promised very good. We have still 23 missing besides Capt Simonds. Am sorry to see the paper report all the missing Capts as dead - some one took responsibility of reporting that without any authority. I guess the ___ ___ ____ __ _____ _ ___ sending letters Tuesday instead of Monday donít work ___ ________ to the old order. My love to all the ____ & a good share to yourself. Good bye again. Ever your husband