Jan 13, 1862 Potomac River

My dear Wife.

We have at last got down here & I expect it will be nearly the 1st of February before we get back to camp-provided we donít get ordered over the other side. Well I have just been up to Mr. Whites & he will take you to accommodate, although he donít want to get into that way, as he will have men there he will want. I want you start next Monday. (the 20th I believe) or as much sooner as you like and come to Poolesville via Adamstown unless Geo Dadman sees fit to come with you, then you can come the way he thinks best. You will have to stay in Baltimore over night and take the train about 8 oclk for Adamstown, where you will find a stage to take you directly to P. and you will have them leave you at John Norrisíes - the house next to Dr. Brace (toward Poolesville). I have arranged the matter with them. I will try to meet you there - wish I could further back on your route but it will be impossible. Lieut Goddard has only some two days duty since his return & was not able to come down here with us - will come in a few days.

If you stop at a hotel in Baltimore, I think I would go to the "Maltby House"- Do you think of calling on Mrs. Beaman as you come out?

I want you to write me just as soon as you receive this & tell me when you will start & and if possible when you will arrive here. If you come Monday I can ____ when you will be here if you come right along. If you write Lydia when you go through Phila. They will probably see you at the Depot. Remember & bring the things I mentioned cigars & c.

I send you $20.00 in this in script I would get gold to bring out here, for it if I could. I have written in a great hurry and cannot go into other matters at this time. All is if you donít hear of our being in Virginia start as I have directed & hope I shall have the pleasure of a short visit from you at least before any forward movement is made-

My love to all-Good bye with love & a kiss-Ever Yours-Charles