March 24, 1862

Good Morning Libbie.

I have just returned from Mr. Bigelows- I found him here waiting to see me when I came in from a walk last night.

I went down a had a splendid call and staid all night & they wanted I should come back to breakfast about 8 oclk but I donít know as I shall go as I have several things to attend to . I called Henry Wilson to see if he could do anything towards helping me to a commission in the Army, (J.B. P______ introduced me). He is very fr___ & sociable & had a good many questions to ask about the 15th Regt. He says the Secy of War has adopted a very unjust rule. Which is that he will give no volunteer officer a commission in the regular army - says they must serve their 3 years as a volunteer. I told Wilson I would _____ remain with my regít until discharged. He said he tried to do something for Capt Bowman but could not, but if the secy should decide to do different at any time he should be happy to same me. So my gig is up.

I hear that after we cross the Potomac the letters will be returned for a certain number of days to prevent the movement being known. So you will understand why you do not hear from me. Good bye again with much love.

Ever yours Charles

Mrs. Lamb is at home & they ___ send love to you.