Boston June 16th 1864

Dear Sister Clara

Your kind letter reached me today and I was very glad to hear from You.

I have been expecting to get a letter from you saying that brother Geo. had rote to some of the folks, but it would seam that he has not rote to any of you perhaps he has ben sick and could not write to any body it may be that the Rebs would not let him write or he may not have any papr to write on. I should like to hear from him so as to be sure that he is a live which I have no doubt he is but it would seam good to hear from him it is to bad that he was taken prisoner but it cannot be helped

I did not know that so many of the boys were wounded as there was it appears that C.A.Miller was about the only one that did not get wounded or taken prisoner of the Westminster boys. I rote a letter to Fred about three weeks ago but have not got any answer yet. I used to hear hear from him quite often by the way of L.C. White but have not got any letter from him since the Army commenced to fight perhaps they do not get any time to write now days.

I asked the officer for a leave of 10 days last Sunday and he said he would let me know Monday but he was drunk Monday and forgot to do as he said he would and I have not asked hime again as my time is so near out I may as well stay here until it is out.

I have a chois of a great many cinds of work painting,cook, Boats Crew or charge of a squad of prisoners or do guard duty. I am on the Boat Crew at the present time. We took a load of officers and there wives over to see the Russian Fleet yesterday and they gave us $2.00 and we went to the city and got all we wanted to drinkand then came back to the fleet and the Russian officer said he would let his men take them back so we went to the old fort and put up the boat.

We have great times now days. It is one of the coolest places I was ever in such good shad trees and such a good sea brees and nothing to do but to sit in the shad and enjoy it.

There was two men that was prisoners took a boat and got away from this island yesterday about one O clock We took our boat and went after them but they got over to Boston before we got half way so they got off safe and I am glad of it.

Give my best respects to all and write soon

Lyman Nichols