from The Fitchburg Sentinel,
Co. B., 15th REgiment

The 24th annual reunion of Co. B, 15th regiment association was held at ?? park, today. The company were called to order at 11:45 by Gen. J. W. Kimball, who presided. The record of the last meeting was read and approved and the treasurer's report, showing a balance of $45.29 on hand, was accepted.

The election of officers resulted as follows:
Capt., Gen. John W. Kimball;
first lieut., Walter A. Eames;
second Lieut., J. Myron Goddard;
first sergeant, clerk and treasurer, Capt. E. S. Kendall.

The time and place of the next meeting is to be left with the executive committee.

A basket dinner was sserved at the close of the business meeting, and E. M. Read furnished ice cream.

At roll call 13 active and four honorary members responded. Simeon Green, A. P. Kimball and William Kimball elected to the honorary membership.

Letters were read from Capt. C. H. Eager, L. W. Stone and ex-Mayor Fosdick.

The following paper was read by Gen. Kimball, and will be entered upon the associations' records:

In Memoriam.
During the past year the "resistless artillery of time" has been hurlings its deadly missiles upon us, and death has been busy within our lines; his harvest has been the gathering home of three veteran Fusiliers and ten honorary members of our association; they have laid down the burdens of mortality and with such staff as their deeds in life may have wrought, they have entered upon the grand march of eternity.

This uncommon loss among so few in a short twelve month, is a lesson not to be disregarded and forcibly reminds us, that soon, very soon, the last veteran soldier of Co. B., 15th Regiment of the Mass. Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion will be mustered out of service, and these pleasant reunions will cease to live only in the memories of those who come after us.

Therefore, in just appreciation of our honored dead and to perpetuate their memories, we inscribe upon our records with honorable mention the names of the loved comrades who will never again answer "Here" at the roll call --
Henry Lyman Sheldon,
Abel Bruce, Jr.,
Stillman W. Edgell.

It is not in sorrow and sadness, but weith all the blessed memories of the past; of their devotion to the flag; their heroic deeds, great sacrifices, sufferings and true comradship crowding upon us, we bid them rest upon their sheaves, for with them the battle is won.

Let us think of them standing upon the picket line, just beyond the thin veil which separates the visible from the invisible, patiently waiting and watching to welcome us with the familiar challenge, "Who comes there?" and as we answer "a friend" their reply will be as of old, "Advance, fiend, and give the countersign; the countersign is right, pass on," and thus shall again be reunited forever the comrades of old Co. B.

In honoring these comrades we will not forget the honorary members who have kept step with them in their last march to join their comrades of 18961, long since gone before; therefore, with feelings of respect and high esteem, we also inscribe the name of James Hildreth, the honored father of Corporal Frank A. Hildreth, the first of our number to sacrifice his life for his counztry, and who sleeps today at Arlington, Va., indeed to him it is "all quiet on the Potomac."

And that other, an "old Fusilier," M. Edwin Day whose warm and earnest support in the days preceding the war contributed so much towards putting and keeping the company in condition for immediate and active service in the field.

Be it ours to remember what they were and what they did; so that their influence may be perpetuated as it deserves.