Co. B., 15th Regiment, Re-union.

Just 39 years ago, to day, Co. B., 15th Massachusetts regiment, went into camp at Camp Scott, Worcester. The company had been known as the Fitchburg Fusiliers since its organization, Dec. 14, 1816, and the best families in Fitchburg were represented in its ranks from its organization. The departure of the company will long be remembered by those who sitnessed it. Cheer after cheer was given by the patriotic people who lined the sidewalks, as the company marched from its armory at Crocker's hall to the depot.

Of the men who left the city on that day, the following were present at Wachusett lake, today. The rank given is that held by the soldier the day the company went into camp, or when he enlisted.

Captain, John W. Kimball;
second Lieutenant, J. Myron Goddard;
Orderly Sergt, Charles H. Eager;
Privates, Walter E. Eames,
Artemas H. Gibson,
Willian Gibson,
Granville C. Hosmer,
W. W. Holman,
Herbert D. McIntire,
Frederick Nichols and
Thomas P. Taylor.

The honorary members present were James A. Patterson, Winchendon; Edward F. Kimball, Albert McIntire, Thomas E. Griswold, James A. Hamilton.

James F. Bartlet, who served in A, 15th; A 53rd and 57th Massachusetts Volunteers, was made an honorary member.

The widows of deceased members present were
Mrs. Henry A. Spooner,
Mrs. Abel Bruce,
Mrs. E. S. Kendall,
Mrs. C. H. Monroe and
Mrs.George S. Gilchrist.

The company association was called to order soon after 11 a.m. and the record of the last meeting was read by the secretary, Sergt. W. A. Eames of Boston.

The treasurer's report was read and showed a balance of $38.80, which was increase $5 by James A. Patterson of Winchendon, an honorary member. It was voted not to assess the members, this year.

Last year's officers were unanimously elected as follows: Capt, J. W. Kimball; 1st Leut. J. M. Goddard of Wakefield; 2d Leut., Charles H. Eager of Newton; clerk and treasurer, Walter A. Eames of Boston. The first three officers are the finance and auditing committee.

The matter of the next reunion was referred to the three highest officers. Resolutions on the death of Daniel Bonney, Charles F. Pope, Oscar A. Kendall and N. Porter Howard, who died during the last year, were unanimously adopted.

An interesting letter from Comrade William T. Griswold, now of Los Angeles, Cal., was read by the clerk.

Gen. Kimball related a recent meeting with Comrade Albert Litchfield and bore his best wishes to the company. Gen. Kimball spoke of the monument at Antietam, and of the number killed, wounded and missing at that terrible battle -- 75 killed, 43 died of wounds and 205 either wounded not fatally or else captured.