from The Fitchburg Sentinel, Friday, 22 June 1888
Veteran Fusiliers

Company B, 1^5th Mass. Regiment, (Veteran Fusiliers), held their annual reunion and celebrated the 27th anniversary of their departure from Fitchburg for Camp Scott in Worcester, at Whalom park on Thursday. The weather was uncomfortably cool -- the east wind feeling as though it came from an iceberg, and the clouds threatened rain all day, but none fell and the veterans and their friends enjoyed a very pleasant reunion. The attendance was not quite as large as last year, several veterans being unable to leave their homes by reason of sickness. The following members of the veteran company were present -- the rank which they held when the company left Fitchburg, or when they joined the company, being given:
Captain John W. Kimball,
2d Sergeant Henry A. Spooner,
Privates Abel Bruce,
John R. Farnum (now Marlboro, N. H.),
Granville C. Hosmer,
N. Porter Howard of Westminster,
Joseph B. Matthews, of Winchendon,
Herbert D. McIntire,
Joel Pratt of Leominster,
Henry L. Sheldon,
Stillman Safford of Winchendon,
William C. Mitchell of Townsend,
Joseph L. Moody.

The business meeting of the company was held at 11 a.m., and the following officers were chosen: Captain, John W. Kimball; first lieutenant, Alpheus J. Nye of Athol; second lieutenant, John R. Farnum of Marlboro, N. H.; clerk and treasurer, Henry A. Spooner; auditors -- J. W. Kimball, A. A. Gibson and Edward S. Kendall of Westminster; quartermaster and commissary, Herbert D. McIntire.

The record of the last reunion and the reports of the secretary, treasurer and auditors were read, accepted and approved.

A basket collation was served about noon and the company, which had been somewhat increased, proceeded to improve the facilities for enjoyment at their disposal.

Later in the day the company was called to order by Gen. Kimball, who read letters from Gen. Charles Devens, the first colonel of the 15th regiment, and now a judge of the supreme court, ex-Mayor Fosdick, Capt. Charles H. Eager, now in the office of the American Express company at Boston, A. J. Nye, one of the selectmen of Athol, Luman W. Stone of Anita, Iowa, and William E. Bailey of Willimantic, Conn. The writers express regrat at their inability to be present at the reunion.

Judge Devens, in his letter addressed to Gen. Kimball, says:
"I regrat that I shall be unable (on account of my engagements with the court) to be present with Co. B of the 15th on June 28. I am much obliged for the invitation and cordially wish my brave old comrades a pleasant gathering.
Your friend and theirs,
Charles Devens.

Ex-Mayor Fosdick expresses regret that a business engagement at Columbus, Ohio, prevents his attending the reunion, and he adds: I enjoyed my last meeting with the "boys" very much. I wish you and them a thoroughly enjoyable time.

A. J. Nye in his letter says: "It is with regret that the state of my health obliges me to send this note, instead of putting in a personal appearance, but I assure you and the committee that my heart and soul are present with you, for this reunion is the one 'red letter day' in my life, and I hope and believe that these meetings will be perpetuated until the last veteran will have scaled the heavenly heights, have been released from his bonds, and with those noble heroes gone before, been mustered on the parade ground of heaven. Enclosed please find a trifle toward meeting expenses. If my purse corresponded with the feelings of my heart, the contribution would be 10 times as much."

Luman W. Stone, in his letter, predicts that Iowa will give Harrison 56,000 majority, next fall, and gives some interesting information concerning the writer's residence and business.

The reading of the letters was greeted with cheers. Gen. Kimball stated that three companies (A, B and C) of the old 15th regiment were before the war companies in the old 9th regiment. The veterans of Company A of Leominster propose to form a company organization; Company C of Clinton has an organization. At Gen. Kimball's suggestion, it was voted that these two company organizations be invited to unite with Company B at their next reunion. The arrangements for that reunion were left with a committee, consisting of the captain, Lieutenants and sergeant.

James Hildreth of Lunenburg, father of Corporal F. A. Hildreth, the first member of the company who died in the service, addressed the comrades, speaking principally of the value of character.

The afternoon was very agreeably spent with dancing in the pavilion, for which the weather was specially adapted, and pitching quoits, ring-toss, etc.