from The Fitchburg Sentinel, Saturday, 26 June 1909
Veterans Meet at Whalom
Veteran Fusiliers Co. B, 15th Regiment Holds Its 41st Annual Reunion Today

The (? smear ?) at Whalom today. Not withstanding the extreme heat of preceding days about the usual number of Veterans were present.

Gen. Kemball exhibited the flag presented to the company by citizens of Fitchburg shortly before the company went into camp at Camp Scott, Worcester. The flag was presented by Miss Emily Twitchell, sister of Edgar H. Twitchel, and afterwards the wife of William Buttrick. The flag, though slightly frayed around the edges, is well preserved. it was so well cared for that Gen. Kimball was unable to (? smear ?).

The business meeting was held at 11 a.m. The record of the last reunion was read by Gen. Kimball, clerk of the organization, and approbed letters from the following members and friends of the company were read. Thomas P. Taylor of Princeton, who deeply regreted that the state of his health prevented his attending the reunion; Mrs. P. L. Murkland of Lowell, widow of Capt. John Murkland, who was killed at Gettysburg; Clara E., widow, and Lillian, daughter of the late Lieut. J. Myron Goddard of Melrose; Lieut. Frank A. Brown of Shawnee, Oklahoma, and Luman W. Stone of Reed's Spring, Mo. The letters were filled with good wishes for an enjoyable reunion.

The report of the treasurer, Gen. Kimball, showed a balance of $22.13 in the treasury.

The comrades present who served in the Civil War were Gen. J. W. Kimball, A. A. Gibson and William A. Gibson of this city; John R. Farnum of Marlboro, N. H.; Andrew Riley of Winchendon; Robert J. Elliott of Los Angeles, Cal., also G. W. Barnes of Westminster and Dr. S. C. Spooner, Edward F. Kimball and John K. Eager, honorary members.

The ladies present were Mrs. George H. Gilchrist of Lunenburg, Mrs. William A. Gibson and Mrs. Horace Lyman of this city, Mrs. Andrew Riley of Winchendon, Mrs. Charles H. Moses of Leominster, daugher of the late Walter A. Eames and Miss M. Elizabeth Kimball. On motion of John R. Farnum a single ballot was cast for the present officers as follows: Capt. John W. Kimball; first lieutenant, Thomas P. Taylor of Princeton; second lieutenant, Artemas A. Gibson; secretary and treasurer, John W. Kimball.

Comrade Robert J. Elliott addressed his comrades. He said that he left Fitchburg 40 years ago and he had longed for the time when he should meet them again and, today, his longing had been realized. He spoke of the sacrifices made by the soldiers in the Civil War and asked for a continuance of the same spirit of self-denial. His remarks were heartily applauded.

Dr. S. C. Spooner, a brother of the late Henry A. Spooner, one of the most efficient soldiers of the company, spoke of his pleasure at meeting his brother's comrades. My brother joined the higher life, last year, and that leaves me alone. Dr. Spooner read an original poem entitled "Peace," which elicited applause.

The only veteran of the company who has died since the last reunion of the company, was Frederick Nichols of Westminster. There are several members of whom no trace has been discovered. Gen. Kimball sent notices of the reunion to 20 men who served in the company and of whose death no notice has been received. There were 138 names on the roll of the company during its entire term of service.

Robert G. Elliott is an inmate of the National Soldiers' Home at Los Angeles. At the last Memorial day the graves of 2384 soldiers near Los Angeles were decorated. Mr. Elliott said he believed the Soldiers' Home at Los Angeles was among the best conducted in the country.

A well prepared dinner was sserved at Whalom Inn, L. E. Hall proprietor. The afternoon was spent in sociability, the veterans "fighting over again" the battles of nearly a half century ago.