from The Fitchburg Daily Sentinel, 9 October 1883
U. S. Pensioners
The Fitchburg and Leominster Lists.

We give our readers herewith the complete offical list of United States penioners in Fitchburg and Leomi8nster, with the cause of their disability, and the amount of their monthly pensions. The Pension Roll, assuming it to be accurate and honest, is a Roll of Honor. It is now published for the first time from the official lists printed by an act of the last Congress, but not in an edition sufficiently large for general distribution.

Alvord, Francis A., gunshot wound shoulder, $2
Allen, Geo. J., wound throat lung, $18
Applin, Philo, ch r bronch, $8
Bartlett, James F., gunshot wound right shoulder, $10
Blanchard, James M., loss right eye injured arm, $6
Bruce, Abel, Jr., injured spine paralized, $72
Brigham, Chas E., chron diarrh indiges, $4
Byam, Chas. F., hyper trophy heart, $12
Babbitt, Chas. W., wound right arm, $8
Bruce, John F., mal poisoning, $6
?? Brown, Thomas, general debit etc., $8
Boynton, Wm. H., heart disease, $24
Bliss, Charles P., gunshot wound right thigih, $4
Chase, Ambrose P., chron. diarr, $6
Connery, Andrew, loss right eye dis left eye, $8
Cowdry, Chas. H., injury to abd, $4
Caswell, Chas H., injury to abd., $8
Connig, Isaac P., would left leg, $2
Cochran, Nath. I., dis liver chron diarr, $4
Cochran, Wilber, pulmonary tuberculosis, $6
Clapp, Lewis B., diar dis of abd vis, $8
Carpenter, John H., gunshot wound left axilla, $2
Daniels, George T., wound right arm, $4
Dickson, Henry A., gunshot wound right shoulder, $4
Davis, Josiah S., wound left hand, 10
Doolan, Patr5ick F., chills fever dia abd vis, $8
Dudley, Stephen W., inj to right knee, $4
Everton, Hiram G., wound back, $4
Fuller, Henry, wound right leg, $4
Freeland, Nathaniel A., dis bladder, $6
Flint, Samuel W., gunshot wound right arm, $4
Flanders, King H., sh w back, $2
Farrel, Martin, varicose veins right leg, $12
Flagg, Andrew J., diseased liver and lungs, $8
Forister, Arthur, inj to abd, $2
Foss, Chas. H., gs wound right thigh, $10
Green, John W., injr. leg verie veins, $6
Gott, Calvin O., mal poisoning diseased spleen, $4
Griswold, Charles E., chronic rheum, $18
Gibson, Chas. H., wound left chest, $8
Gould, Geo. A., gunshot wound foot, $10
Gibson, Wm. A., chronic rheumatism, $12
Hitchcock, Alfred O., gunshot wound right eye, $4
Harris, Edwin A., diseased lung diarr., $12
Hitchcock, H. S., wound right side, $12.75
Hobert, John, injury to abdomen and tumor, $14
Hyatt, Joseph A., lost left thumb etc., $10
Hennesey, Nicholas R., gunshot wound left thigh, $8
Harrigan, Owen, shot wound head, $18
Houghton, Russell O., wound right shoulder, $11.50
Harris, Samuel W., injured spine diseased heart, $12
Henry, Wm. E., bronchial laryngites, $8
Harris, Wm. H., injured spine, $8
Hurt, Cyrus, wound right arm, $4
Hale, Abner B., injury to abdomen, $8
Hopkins, Samuel, chronic diar injured right side, $8
Jaquith, Levi L., kidney disease fever ague, $4
Joslin, Albert W., gunshot wound right thigh chr diar, $24
Jaquith, Asa S., dis heart, $12
Leonard, Allen, wound left thigh, $8
Lawrent, David, gunshot wound right arm and hand, $6
Littlehale, John D., gunshot wound left shoulder, $4
Long, Michael, gunshot wound left arm, $4
Loomis, Wm. A., wound right buttock, $6
Leighton, Orrin S., dis right leg, $24
Mann, Reuben, injury to abdomen, $8
Morgan, John, part loss in 2nd finger right hand, $6
Munroe, Lewis, gunshot wound left thigh, $1
McCrohin, Daniel, gunshot wound right shoulder, $6
Marsh, Alphonso, chron diarrh diseased kidneys, etc., $15
Munroe, Francis A., wound right leg, $6
Man, Thomas, injured abdomen, $10
Marvel, Wm. C., wound right foot, $8
Osborne, Ira J., fractured left arm., $6
Osborne, Franklin W., gunshot wound head, $4
Peck, Geo. E., injury to abdomen, $8
Powers, John, part lost sight left eye, $4
Patch, Josiah, wound left shoulder, etc., $8
Pendergast, Wm., blind both eyes, $72
Roby, Edgar T., wound right hip, $2
Rochardson, Oliver B., injury to left ankle, $4
Remington, Orlando P., injury to abdomen, $12
Rogers, Wm. T., chronic diarrh., $8
Smith, Walter W., rheu diseased heart, $8
Spencer, Geo., gunshot wound left thigh, $2
Sears, Geo. H., wound left thigh, $4
Sharidan, Barney, gunshot wound right arm, $4
Sullivan, Daniel, wound right leg, $12
Spooner, Henry A., tumor left leg injured abdomen, $10
Sheldon, Henry L., gunshot wound head, $12
Stiles, James F., rheu diseased kidneys, $18
Taylor, Wm. E., gunshot wound right arm, $4
Whitney, John H., gunshot wound left thigh injured abdomen, $12
Wilkins, Aaron, wound right arm, $10
Whithington, Alonzo, blindness, $72
Walker, Chas. C., injury to abdomen, $2
Whitherby, Orlando, gunshot wound right shoulder, $4

(dependant mothers)
Farwell, Mira W., $8
Houghton, Harriet N., $8
Holman, Nancy, , $8
Withington, Eunice P., $8
Parks, Dollie S., $8
Rand, Julia A., $8
Sampson, Lucinda, $8
Sampson, Roans, $8
Pierce, Ruth S., $17
Creed, Belinda, $8
Cowdrey, Thoda B., $8
Barnett, Ellen, $8
Battles, martha, $8
Evans, Elizabeth, $8
Whittemore, Mary $8
Hartwell, Rhoda, $8
Markham, Catherine, $8
Knight, Mary F., $8
Kimpton, Sarah, $8
Marston, Rhoda, $8
Lyle, Agnes, $8

O'Donnell, Mary, $10
Fitts, Clara A., $8
Ferguson, Lucinda S., $8
Hastings, Nancy B., $8
Nutting, Catherine, $8
Pike, Nancy W., $8
Ryan, Mary, $8
Roach, Rebecca, $8
Spooner, Hannah S., $8
Simons, Martha M., $20
Spencer, Mary $8
Sullivan, Mary, $8
Oaks, Mary, $8
Counihan, Catherine, $10
Cummings, Angenette, $8
Brown, Sarah, $8
Burr, Anne E., $8
Blair, Caroline M., $8
Swift, Mary E., $10
Thayer, Ellen M., $8
Jameson, Jenny, $14
Jaquith, Sarah E., $8
Kielty, Bridget, $8
Martindale, Elizabeth, $10
McCarty, Ellen, $8
McCarty, Johanna, $8
Calif, Esther, $8

Marble, Truman, minor, $10
Cary, John, father (navy), $8
Smith, Georgia F., widow (navy), $25
Boutelle, David, surv. 1812 $8
Coun, Matilda, widow 1812 $8
Smith, Emma F., widow 1812 $8

Rice, George E., chronic rheum, $12
Rice, George L., chronic diarrh, $8
Poro, Louis, mal fever verve pros, $8
Railey, John J., wound left arm., $8
Parker, Alvah J., loss right arm, $24
Nixon, Nahum, wound head, $18
Eiwell, James W., wound left shoulder, $4
Flagg, Charles B., wound right arm, $4
Shedd, John D., re section right shoulder, $10
Sullivan, Michael, mal poisoning, $4
Thompson, M., ch rhm var veins left leg, $6
Joy, Charles, Inj. to abdomen, $2.66
Elliott, D. H., chron diarr, $8
Brooks, L. W., inj back paralized left leg, $6
Benton, Frank ?? back, $4
Balch, H. C., ?? catarrh, $8
Bronson, ??? $8
Amos, Thomas, ??? $8
Barker, Charles, ???
Ayres, Branch F., diseased spine, $4
Woodworth, Cassius A., wound neck, $8
Wheelock, George F., gunshot wound left leg, $6
Wheelock, H. L., gunshot wound left ankle, $2
Lahy, Patrick, diseased lungs, $12
Galligher, Patrick, gunshot wound right index finger, $2
Gilchrist, James, Jr., parl sunstroke, $8
Fairbanks, J. D., wound right shoulder, $10
Connors, Michael, sunshot wound neck, $3
Gilchrist, John A., gunshot wound lower jaw, $18
Corey, Charles E., loss great toe, etc., $5
Connor, Humphrey, gunshot wound left arm, $2
Chase, Joseph H., wound thorax, $18
Carter, Solon H., loss left leg, $18
Durant, H. P., diseased eyes, $8
Freeman, John W., wound left leg, $4
Young, Edwin, gunshot wound through body diseased left leg, $12
Stilphen, Nathan, rheum inf kidneys, $8
Marshall, J. A., wound left hand, $8
Walsh, Patrick, chr diarrh, $2
Joslin, Thomas A., rheum & part deaf, $6
Nutting, John C., total deaf, $13
Nourse, C. W., mal fever, $12
Field, Abner W., paralized lower ext, $4

Wilder, Racherl S., mother, $8
Dutton, Eliza A., widow, $8
Howe, Mary S., widow, $8
Rice, Abbie F., widow, $8
Brown, Sarah A., widow, $8
Brown Helena H., widow, $8
Easler, Mary, widow, $8
Foster, Thirza F., widow, $8
Sargent, Sophronia C., widow, $10
Hadley, Sarah J., widow, $22
Lawrence, Cath R., widow, $8
McMahan, Mary, widow, $8
Gates, Mary S., mother, $8
Ellick, Mary A., mother , $8
Waters, Caroline M., mother, $8
Porter, Lovina L., mother, $8
Craig, Maria, mother, $8
Maker, Mary T., mother, $8
Joslyn, Almira, mother, $8
Jaquith, Hannah, mother, $8
Johnson, Mary P., mother, $8