from The Webster Times, 7 Dec 1861 (Volume III # 39) contributed by Mike Branniff

Headquarters, 15th regiment, Co.I
Camp Foster ,Poolesville Md.
Nov. 30, 1861

To the Editor of the Webster Times;
As we have not seen a communication from our company acknowledging our thanks of late, to the citizens of Webster, for the favors received, we have thought it proper that we should take the present time to communicate through your paper our thankfulness.

Although our ranks have been thinned by the late engagement, we are rejoiced tio hear that we shall soon have the satisfaction of seeing some of them once more in our ranks; or that we shall meet them as fellow soldiers and comrades in the town of Webster again.

It seems very strange to us that we did not loose more in the battle of Balls Bluff, when we consider the poor chance our men had to escape from the enemy’s fire. There are twenty eight now prisoners in the rebel camp. they are not with us, and their absence is seriously felt, and commented upon by us all from day to day. We have some misgivings as to what their fate may be, as it is reported to camp, that some of our commissioned officers, who are among them, have been singled out as victims of retaliation for those who are now held by us at Fort Warren , as prisoners of war, whose penalty we think ought to be death. But we will hope for the best, believing that all these difficulties will be surmounted by our excellent commander General McClellan.

We have reports from day to day that we are going to move as a regiment or brigade, but we do not receive anything authentic. It is probable that our commander knows as well about the army arrangements as any one, therefore we shall be contented to wait for his instructions, and in the meantime those flying stories will serve to keep us in readiness for any emergency.

We understand that there is a box now at Adamstown sent by the citizens of Webster to the Slater Guards, and it is reported that it is intended for our thanksgiving dinner. we will now extend our heart felt thanks to the citizens of Webster for their kind remembrances.

We received on the 23d inst. blankets, mittens, stockings, etc., which is we feel a sure indication that we are not forgotten at home. our late losses has caused more union of feeling among the members. You will recollect that there was a slight misunderstanding between the officers and men previous to the engagement, it is now entirely vanished. We are now hand in hand heartily engaged in the suppression of this great rebellion. We wish the people of Webster to feel assured that Company I, will, as they have done in the past, do their whole duty as they have done in the past, do their whole dutry in the future. We are armed with Springfield rifles, for which we are indebted to the exertions of Col. Devens.

Yours Truly
Serg’t E. D. Clemans
Corporal T. Blasland.
of Slater Guards