November 1864
Dear Sister Eliza, and our dear Hattie

Your letter is duly received, and Oh how glad I am to hear from you once more, that you have had so Pleasent a trip out west and now you are Safely home again, I have been wondering this longtime how you where getting along and weather you had returned home, I wanted to write so Monday I thought I would send out a little messenger in the form of a Paper a Hartford Courant which I hope you recd and it appears you was thinking the same thing of me for your welcome letter was coming at the same time that my messenger was on its way to you

Well I am very much Pleased to learn that you have had so Pleasent a visit, and I hope to hear more about it by and by, will try to wait Patiently for the History and adventure of Eliza and Hattie

My Health is very good in fact I cannot not find time to be sick working hard during the day time and at night making up our Book accounts and just now we have etra work trying to kill the Copperheads or convert them into Union men I try to tell them my side of the story in songs & glees we have a first rate union glee club to night we have had a grand and Enthusiastic union meeting

Hon. Charles Summer made a tiptop good speech one that will tell at the polls next tuesday the Glee club furnished the Music to morrow night Thursday we have a grand Torch light Procession will send you a paper Friday we are doing very well in our Business we have more work then we can do

We have contracted for a large job makeing machines to make screws for the union screw company it will take us till next June to finish the job. it is about a twelve thousand dollar job we intend to do other work aside from this that will pay our running expenses

I am very well pleased with the step I have taken so far yet we do not know what there is in the future for us to pass through

Recd a letter from Father he & Mother are well as usual. John & Lizzie are at Fisher vill Conn John is setting up some machinery for the Whitins he as charge of the job with 7 men under him

I recd a letter from our Dear Eben he as been sick but now is getting better his ship was at Baltimore for repairs and before he could finish his letter thay recd orders to set sale and he finished his letter at Fortres Monroe I will copie the closeing part it will give you a better idea how he is getting along in his own words then in my words

Oct 29th Fortras Monroe
We left Baltimore last night and now we are getting ready with all the rest of the fleet to attact Wilmington our ship is to be an Hospital Ship so I dont think I shall remain on Board of her as I have made aplication to be detached you had better not write to me again untill you hear from me again I will write as soon as I know what ship I am on So look out for a fight and a victory it may be the last fight I shll be in, but I shall have the assurance that the Country as had 3 years of my Service and that I have died in a good cause or else fight till the Struggle is over till then I am your true and affectionate Brother
Eben Prest

[large writing in dark pencil] (Please return the photograph it is all I have of the Dear Boy)

(Please excuse this poor writing I am so tired.)

O dear I am so tired it is 12 o.c. but I could not go to bed till I had wrote to you give my love to Hattie and b good Share for your self
Yours as ever
Jabez Prest.