July 1864
Dear Sister Eliza,

I was very much pleased to receive a letter from you, informing me, of your wellfare, and Pleasent time you & Hattie are haveing. I hope you may long continue to enjoy the blessings of this Life, with friends, to share it with you. Friends that stand by in adversity as well as in prosperity.

It gives me pleasure to inform you that my health is very good this hot dry Summer and I am doing very well in my new business. Plenty of work though uncle Sam clames a good share of the profits

My Mother is here visiting me as been here two weeks She seems to enjoy it nicely and I think it is doing her good. Father as been to see me also but only made a flying visit. You know how he goes a visiting. Just comes and looks at you and then goes back again.

Brother John came and worked for us three dayes we got in a tight place - we promised some work by a certain time but owing to some unforseen accident we where unable to finish the work unless we got more help. So I wrote to John and he came to our rescue. So we finished the work on time agreed upon, which is one point we are bound to act up too that is to deliver all work on the time agreed upon, Brother John is now working at Whitinsvill he is going to Mason Village New Hampshire to take charge of setting up some Fly Frames, for the Whitins.

Eben is still in the Navy he is now 2nd Engineer, thay have captured several small prizes. I will send you his address on a loose piece of paper. Eben likes Engineering very well when he writes he inquires about you & Hattie.

Thomas as not wrote to me since last Spring. I wrote to him the latter part of April I am sorry he as not wrote why it is I do not know any way I intend to write to him again the reason I have not wrote to you before this time is because I have been so busey, and when I was not busy I was tired, Hopeing this will find you still in good health and enjoying your self with your friends. give my regards to your Brother Homer & his Lady. not forgetting to remember me to Hattie.

Belive me to be as I hope allwayes to remain yours

Jabez Prest.