from The Webster Times, 11 April 1863(Volume 5 #5),
A List of Oxford Volunteers who are Now or Have been in US Service

Elbridge Acker
Caleb F. Dudley
Reuben Adams -- unknown
James Duffy
Frank Dupra
Wellington Dore -- discd
John Eckersley
Konrad Ampthaur -- kia
Pliny Allen -- discd
Patrick Elliot
Charles F. Bacon -- discd
Joseph E. Fellows
Partick Feighan -- discd
George W. Gunston
Edward G. Gee
James Burke -- desertd
J.V. Green
Oscar L. Guild
Nelson Bartholomew -- dd
Patrick Brennan -- discd
Matthew Brennan -- discd
John W. Humphrey -- discd
Samuel A. Clark -- discd
William Hart -- unknown
Edward Hart -- unknown
Henry W. Harrold -- discd
James Hilton -- kia
Horace P. Howe
Franklyn Hovey
Earl Haskell
Frank L. Curby
Leander T. Curby
Joseph Jennison Jr.-- kia
Thomas King
Joel W. Larned
Charles H. Lamb
Cyrus Larned -- dd
Edward Cudworth
Michael Lynch -- discd
Simon Carson
Edward Lovely
James Mahoney
James H. Davis -- kia
Anthoney Murphy
Joseph Williams -- discd
Albert S. Moffit -- disch
George B. Works
Timothy I. Moynhan -- discd
Charles H. Watson -- discd
Francis B. Marsh --discd
Andrew B. Yeoman
Peleg F. Murray -- discd
Henry S. Dealing -- discd
Geo. O. Raymond
Albert Prince
Francis C. Pope
Lyman Phippe -- dd
Josiah Redfern
William Ronan
Bradly Reed -- discd
Edward D. Rindge -- dd
Vernon F. Rindge -- dd
Thomas B. Smith
Nathan Seaver
Luther Stone -- discd
Amos H. Shumway -- kia
Marquis E. Steere --discd
George Stevens
Wm. H. Smith -- deserted
Bernard Schmidt
Owen Toner
Thomas Thompson
Leonard E, Thayer -- discd
Luther C. Torrey
Samuel Thompson
John Toomey
John A. Thurston
Nelson A. Vial -- discd
Bernard B. Vassal -- discd
Daniel Cobb
John Tulley
H.C. Dodge

RECAPITULATION [including men of other regiments not included in this excerpt]

Whole number of enlistments 178
Discharged 43
Deserted 4
Killed 10
Died in Service 5
Now in Service 116