from The Fitchburg Sentinel, 29 June 1903,
Veteran Fusiliers.
Company B, 15th Regiment, Hold Annual Reunion at Whalom.

Forty-two years ago June 27, Co. B, 15th Mass Volunteers went into camp at Worcester, and on Saturday the survivors held their 35th annual reunion at Whalom. Although the day was almost ideal from a weather point of view the attendance for several reasons was not as large as last year and at most reunions. Gen. J. W. Kimball, captain of the association, presided at the meeting, and the only other officer present was 1st Sergt. and Clerk Walter A. Eames of West Somerville.

The business meeting was held at the Whalom Inn. Gen. Kimball, while expressing regret that so few were present, said he was glad to see all who had come. The roll was called and the reports of the secretary and treasurer were read and approved. The latter shows a balance of $27.63 on hand.

Letters of regret at not being able to be present were read from the following active and honorary members:
Capt. William G. Waters, Santa Barbara, Cal.
Mrs. Catherine M. Griswold, San Diego, Cal.
Fred C. Stuart, East Wallingford, Vt.
Mrs. Murkland, Lowell
W. A. Spooner, Roxbury
Thomas P. Taylor, Princeton
Mrs. G. H. Ward, Worcester
L. W. Stone, Anita, Iowa
ex-Mayor Fosdick, Fitchburg.

These officers were elected for the ensuing year:
Captain, Gen. J. W. Kimball
first lieutenant, Capt. J. M. Goddard, Melrose,
second lieutenant, Artemus A. Gibson, Fitchburg,
sergt. and clerk, Walter A. Eames, West Somerville.
The first three officers were appointed auditing and finance committee, and the arrangements and place of the next reunion were left to this committee.

General George P. Hawkes of Templeton was made an honorary member of the association.

Dinner was served at 1 o'clock, and following the company broke up into groups and took in the attractions of the park. The following were the members present:
Gen. John W. Kimball,
Capt. Walter A. Eames, West Somerville,
John R. Farnum, Marlboro, N. H.,
Artemus A. Gibson, Herbert D. McIntire, Horace H. Wyman and Daniel R. Pierce, Fitchburg.

Honorary members, Raymond J. Parker, Samuel D. Sheldon, Joseph A. Battles, Dr. S. C. Spooner, Fitchburg; Simeon Green, Harvard; George W. Barnes, Worcester.

Widows of members,
Mrs. Henry A. Spooner, Mrs. Lyman Nichols, Fitchburg
Mrs. George L. Gilchrest, Lunenburg,
Mrs. R. E. Bowen, Worcester,
Mrs. E. S. Kendall, Westminster.

Besides the members there were Mrs. J. W. Kimball, Mrs. Sidney Sibley, Miss M. Lizzie Kimball and Master John K. Eager present, all of whom are considered by the members as adopted daughters and son.

General Kimball exhibited a number of interesting relics, including a picture of the old Fusiliers taken in 1846 and still an excellent picture, the original records of the Fusiliers at the time the company was formed and bearing date of Dec. 14, 1816. The book contains a written copy of the action of the governor and council authorizing the organization of the company, the first election of officers, Feb. 7, 1817, and bears the signature of the first officers, John Upton, captain, Alpheus Kimball, lieutenant, and Walter Johnson, ensign. He also exhibited the original list of members and other interesting documents. Some of the members recalled some interesting experiences of their army life. The reunion was thorough enjoyed, although the attendance was small.