from The Fitchburg Sentinel, 27 June 1908,
Lieut. Frank A. Brown of Oklahoma Travels 200 Miles to meet Old Comrades of 15th Mass. Regiment.

The Veteran Fusiliers, Co. B, 15th Mass. regiment, held their 40th annual reunion at Whalom park, today. The company had the pleasure of greeting Lieut. Frank A. Brown, who arrived this morning, from his home at Shawnee, Oklahoma. Lieut. Brown enlisted as a private, was taken prisoner at Gettysburg, was severely wounded in the side at the Battle of the Wilderness and returned home in command of the company at the expiration of their three years' term of service. Lieut. Brown went West soon after the close of the war and this is the first time he has met his former comrades at a company reunion. He came East intending to attend the company reunion in 1890, but owing to the National Grand Army encampment being held at Boston that year, the reunion was postponed.

The business meeting was held at 11 a.m., Gen. J. W. Kimball presiding and the following officers were chosen after the records of the last meeting had been read and approved: Captain, John W. Kimball; first lieutenant, Thomas P. Taylor, Princeton; second lieutenant, Arteman A. Gibson; secretary and treasurer, Gen. J. W. Kimball.

The treasurer's report, which showed a cash balance of $22.88, was approved.

Letters from Lieut. Amable Beaudry of Kidder, Mo.
Thomas P. Taylor of Princeton, who was detained at home by illness,
L. W. Stone of Reeds Spring, Mo.,
and from Grace (Tenny) Harrison, daughter of James H. Tenny of Massillon, Ohio, who is disabled by illness and unable to write, were read.
All the above comrades served in the company. Letters were also read from G. W. Barnes of Westminster and James Harrington, who are honorary members of the company organization.

Gen. Kimball reported the following deaths since the last reunion:
Harrison Rich at Soldiers' home, Togus, Me., date not certainly known;
Andrew Fisher, Fitzwqilliam, Feb. 15, 1908;
Frederick Nichols, July 23, 1907.
Honorary members: Joseph A. Battles, Jan. 11, 1908:
Simeon Green, March 20, 1908;
William Kimball, June 13, 1908.

The following former members of Company B were present:
Gen. J. W. Kimball,
Lieut. Frank A. Brown, Shawnee, Oklahome;
John R. Farnum, Marlboro, N. H.;
Andrew Riley, Winchendon;
Granville Hosmer and
William Gibson.
Dr. S. C. Spooner, an honorary member, and J. Kimball Eager, a grandson of Gen Kimball, were also present.

Lieut. Brown was introduced by Gen. Kimball, who said that if Lieut. Brown could talk as well as he fought, he would make a good speech.

Lieut. Brown said he had been galvanized into a Western man. I lived in one locality 35 years, but have removed to "wild and wooly" Oklahoma. We may not be as wild as you think as we have department stores that cover a quarter block and where the purchaser can buy nearly anything that he can purchase in New York city. Our city is about 11 years old and we have about 15,100 inhabitants. We see Indians on the streets, both men and squaws wrapped in blankets, in the aboriginal style. I did not suppose that anything would draw me from Oklahome, but a postal card inviting me to this reunion brought me over the 2000 miles between Oklahoma and Fitchburg. I shall ever remember my former comrades and friends.

The following ladies were present: Mrs. George S. Gilchrist, Mrs. Thomas E. Griswold, Mrs. Ira Caswell, Mrs. Sidney Sibley, Mrs. Walter Eames of Leominster and her two daughters, Mrs. Annie R. Moses and Miss Nellie E. Eames, also of Leominster, Miss M. Eliz7abeth Kimball, Mrs. Granville Hosmer, Mrs. F. W. Eager, Mrs. William Gibson.

So far as known not over 20 of the 132 men whose önames appear on the company roll are living.

At the noon hour most of the company partook of a substantial and well served dinner at Whalom Inn, which reflected credit on the new proprietor, M. J. Livingstone.

The afternoon was devoted to sociability, the veterqans entertaining each other and their friends with accountws of their perils and adventures during their service in the Civil War.