from The Fitchburg Sentinel, 11 May 1898,
Reminiscence of 1861,
The Departure of the Fitchburg Fusiliers for Camp

It ws on Friday, June 28, 1861, that the first company of Fitchburg Fusiliers who served in the Civil War left town for camp at Worcester. It was a bright summer's day and the sidewalks were lined with people. On leaving their armory (Crocker's hall), the company were met by about 60 former members of the company dressed in scarlet coats and under command of Dr. Jonas A. Marshall, who escorted the Fusiliers to what is now city hall, where Rev. Elnathan Davis, in behalf of the Protestant clergy of the city, presented each member with a neatly bound copy of the New Testament. Rev. Kenadall Brooks offered prayer and the Fusiliers were addressed by Alvah Crocker, Dr. Marshall and others.

The volunteers were next escorted to the Fitchburg Hotel, where dinner was provided by citizens. After dinner, the procession was re-formed, marched round the common and down Main street to the depot. A salute was fired from two cannon on the common and very hearty cheers were given the brave men, some of whom never returned to their homes. On arriving at the depot Capt., afterwards Gen. J. W. Kimball, gave a banner, which had been recently presented by the ladies of Fitchburg to the company, to the ex-Fusiliers to keep in trust until the return of the volunteers. The flag was accepted by Lieut. E. T. Miles, afterwards mayor of the city. The former members of the Fusiliers accompanied the volunteers to Worcester and treated to a collation at the Bay State House by Col. Ivers Phillips.

Two drummers and a fifer, who furnished music when the company marched down Main street, played when the Fusiliers were on their first parade in 1817.

Of those who left Fitchburg in that company the following were living at last accounts and the residence of those who reside away from Fitchburg is given, according to information derived from those who served in the company. The rank given is that held when the company went into camp:

Capt. John W. Kimball
Second Lieutenant J. Myron Goddard, Wakefield
Sergt. Charles H. Eager, Boston
Sergt. Harrison Rich, Philadelphia
Corporal Andrew Fisher, Fitzwilliam, N. H.
Corporal Harrison M. Hunkings, resides in Maine
Musician Daniel R. Pierce, Lowell
Privates Frank A. Brown, Maysville, Mo.
William E. Bailey, Willimantic, Ct.
Daniel Bonney, Togus, Me.
Robert Bruce, residence unknown
Amable Beaudry, Maysville, Mo.,
Benjamin F. Clark, in Maine
Henry M. Carpenter, in Nebraska
Walter A. Eames, Boston,
Robert J. Elliott, residence unknown
John R. Farnum, Marlboro, N. H.
Charles H. Farmer, New York city
Artemas H. Gibson,
William Gibson
William T. Griswold, in California
Kilburn Harwood, in Illinois
Granville Hosmer
Henry J. Hosmer, residence unknown
Joseph R. Houghton, in Califormia
N. Porter Howard, Gardner
William H. Holman, Winchendon
Marcus R. Johnson, Canton, Ohio
Charles W. Kendall, Gardner
Oscar A. Kendall, Winchendon,
Henry C. Lowell, Worcester
Albert Litchfield, residence unknown
Joseph A. Marshall, Chicago
Frederic Nichols
Francis Nichols, Westminster
Joel Pratt, Leominster
Amos O. Plaisted, Togus, Me.
Franklin Scott
Walter D. Scott, Ann Arbor, Mich
Thomas P. Tayler, Princeton
George G. Tayler, Winchendon
Henry F. Whittamore
Lowell C. White, in California
Horace H. Wyman, Gardner.

Of those who joined the company later, the following were living at last accounts: Privates Lemuel W. Gibson, Herbert D. McIntire, Charles A. Wheeler, Leominster.