from The Worcester Spy, 22 July 1863(Volume 90 #49),

Among the commissions issued last week were the following;---[extract]
Fifteenth regiment,--- second Lieut. Chas. M. Murray of Worcester to be first lieutenant, January 3, vice Storer, discharged, (in place of C. M. Batechelder, promoted and commission revoked);
Second Lieut. Elisha G. Buss of Clinton to be first lieutenant, March 15, vice Waters, discharged;
Second Lieut. Geo. B. Brown, of Leominster to be first lieutenant, March 19, vice Bolster, discharged;
Sergt. Caleb H. Arnold of Blackstone to be second lieutenant, January 3, vice Murray, promoted;
Sergt. Thos. J. Hastings of Worcester to second lieutenant, March 15, vice Buss, promoted;
Commissary Sergt. Joshua Freeman of Clinton to be second lieutenant, March 19, vice Brown, promoted.