from The Worcester Spy, 22 July 1863(Volume 92 #29),
Official Report of the Casualties in the Massachusetts Fifteenth

We have received from Lieut. Col. Joslin who now commands the Fifteenth regiment, the following correct and official report of the loses in that regiment at the battle of Gettysburg. We print also the letter we have received from him. it seeming to be better than explanatory statements of our own would be. When this letter was written, the fifteenth regiment was on the extreme left of the second army corps, near St. James college, and about three miles from Williamsport.

Headquarters 15th Reg’t Mass. Vols., In the Field
July 15th, 1863
Mr. Baldwin---Dear Sir;--- herewith you will find a correct list of casualties in the 15th regiment during the late battle, which you will oblige me by publishing in your paper.. I regret exceedingly that I have been unable to furnish this list sooner, knowing the anxiety felt by friends of the regiment after a battle in which it is known they participated; but having been constantly on the march in pursuit of the enemy since the battle, it has been impossible to do so.

Since making up this list Sergt. A. Beaudry and Corp. J. R. Farnum of Co. B, who were reported missing, have rejoined the regiment, having made their escape from the enemy, and report the whole number reported missing as being prisoners.

Very respectfully,
your obedient servant,
Geo C. Joslin Lieut. Col Comd’g 15th Mass. Vols.

Col George H. Ward, Capt. H. P. Jorgensen, Capt John Mirkland
Co. A---Sergt. Edward B. Rollins, Corp. Francis A. Lewis, Corp. William D. Oakley
Co. B--- Privates G. L. Boss, John Marsh.
Co. C---Corporal J. P. Chenery, privates A. Lord, G. F. Osgood.
Co. D--- Private O. Stevens
Co E---Private George W. Cross
Co. F---First Sergt. Henry c. Ball
Co. G---First Sergt. George N. Wheelock
Co. H.--- Corp. George F. Fletcher, Privates Thomas Horn, Charles A. Reed
Co. I---Sergt. William Brandes, privates Joseph Bardsley, Francis Santum
Co. K---Private Patrick Coyle

Capt. Walter Gale in leg; Capt Albert W. Prince, in both hands; 1st Lieut. Samuel J. Fletcher, in face; 1st Lieut. Charles H. Stevens; 2d Lieut. H. T. Dudley, in back; 2d Lieut. Nelson Stanton, in arm and breast; 2d Lieut. G. M. Murray, in ankle; 2d Lieut. E. G. Buss, in thigh.

Co. A---Sergts. Thomas B. Ross, William H. Savage; corporals John Tripp, George Stevens, Herbert D. Taylor, Charles McFarland; privates James Bond, Frank Hatch, Peter Luck, Frank Rice, James Sheppard, George Stanley, Joseph Willard, David Welch.

Co. B---Corp.A. A. Simonds, in leg; privates J. T. Tenney, in leg, slight; J. B. Mathews, in both legs; C. J. Eaton in head; H. W. Carpenter, in leg.

Co. C---First sergt. James Mahoney, in head and legs; Sergt. A. D. Wright, in arm; Privates George O. Raymond, in hip; R. K. Cooper, in breast; J. Carpenter, in shoulder; A. C. Frost, in leg, since amputated; D. W. Freeman in arm; H. B. Olcott, in arm; S. R. Kilburn, in leg; J. L. Frost, in hand; J. Smith, in breast; C. V. Marsh in head.

Co. D--- Sergt. J. S. Knights, in shoulder; corporal H. S. Baker, in shoulder; corporal W. H. Burgess, contusion; privates E. Goulding, contusion; J. Daniels, in knee; Christopher Thren, in knee.

Co. E---Corp. Thomas (Anthony) Murphy, in shoulder; privates Robert Lusty, leg amputated; Owen Towers (Tonar?), hip; Thomas King, contusion, back.

Co. F--- Sergt. George A. Davis, slight; sergeant Carlton M. DeLand, slight; corporal Artemas D. Ward, in arm; corporal George C. Mann, in ankle; privates George W. Allen, in abdomen; Elbridge Doane, in arm; Harrison Moulton, in side; Edward C. Prouty, in hip; Augustus N. Potter, slight; Joseph Pecott, in back; Harrison Stone, in neck; James Costello, in arm, missing.

Co. G---Privates George E. Burns, in thigh; John Howith, to side; Elisha S. Livermore, in breast; Wm. T. Moore, in face and leg; Samuel A. McCurdy, in leg.

Co. H---First Sergt. Edwin Chapin, in leg; sergeant Patrick Murphy, in back; sergeant Abram Burrill, in leg; corporal Albert Everett, in arm; privates Windsor Chamberlain, in breast, Adin A. Colvin, in arm; Charles N. Shumway, in foot.

Co. I---First Sergt. Alexander Bryson, in side, slight; sergeant A. N. Hathaway, in hip and side; corporal Patrick Harty, in thigh; corporal A. B. Snow, in head, probably mortal; corporal S. H. Cummings, in neck, slight; corporal Henry Russock, slight; privates Augustus Benway, in leg; Vernon Negus, in thigh; Thomas Henry, in arm and breast; m. D. Tucker, in hip; Michael Lanigan in breast; Charles Murray, in hand; private R. E. Corbin, in hand; Charles Mellen, slight.

Co. K---First Sergt Calib H. Arnold, breast; Sergt. S. J. Simmons. in foot; privates T. R. brown, in foot; David Livingstone in back; E. Handrahan, in hand; H. Ford, in hand.

Co. A---Privates William Kelly, Wallace W. Derby

Co. B---Sergts. A. Beaudry, A. Fisher, F. A. Brown, Corps. H. L. Sheldon, J. R. Farnum, privates R. E. Bowen, E. Chase, C. F. Pope, J. W. Wilder, O. Wetherbee, S. W. Whitcomb.

Co. D---Corps. W. H. Ford, H. Houghton, privates J. B. Gibson, C. H. Lamb, A. Megan, C. W. Wood, E. Acker, W. A. Alger, P. C. Cain, J. McDonald.

Co. E---Private Martin Welch.

Co. I---Privates J. S. Slocum, S. H. Green.

Co. K---Privates P. Brenshaw, T. Walsh,

Report of Casualties of Enlisted Men of the 15th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers with Batteries in the action at Gettysburg, Pa., July 2 and 3, 1863.
Private Michael Flynn, Co. E, serving with battery B, 1st R. I. artillery.
Private Henry R. Dawson, Co. D, slight in leg; private Oliver S. Oakes, Co. D. severely---both serving in battery A, 1st R. I. artillery; private John Grady, Co. I, leg amputated; private Dyer C. Cady, Co. I in groin---both serving with battery B. 1st R. I. artillery.