Excerpted from The Worcester Spy, May 18, 1864, (Volume 93 # 20), 

The following lists of wounded have been received in addition to those heretofore published
15th Massachusetts---
Corporal Elliot Robbins, Co. K. right leg;
1st Sergeant Chas. H. Oakes, Co. G. left arm;
Vernon Negus, Co. I, right hand;
Charles H. Miller,do, left leg;
Daniel Sherman (Sherwood),do. right arm;
Terrence Riley do, reported killed;
James Berry, Co. C, left lung, very severely;
Sergeant A. H. Rice, Co. G. killed;
W. J. Knight, Co.K. right leg;
Wm. Farrel, do. hip;
Thomas Welch, do. right hand;
Peter Kane, Co. D. left hand; 
Captain Dudley, Knee;
Capt. Brown, left finger;
Adjutant Stanton, right shoulder, slightly;
Capt. Symonds, Co.F., slightly;
Joseph Berry,Co. C. left shoulder, seriously;
N. E. Cole, Henry Dunn, C. A. Nutting, Co. K.;
N. Seaver,Co. H.;
Herman Grades, K. Lathrop, R. Carlton, O. V. Wright, Wm. Lawler, Rufus H. Baldwin , Co. H.;
Melvin B. Rowe, Co. E.;
Peter Dawson, Co. C,;
Andor Waaman, Co. I.;
Alfred Rahlah, Co. H.;
Joseph O’Neil, Co. B.;
F. G. Hurley, Co. E.;
J. B. Marye, Co. A.;
John B. Marcy, Co. E.; Frank J. Kirby,do.

The following lists of killed and wounded are reported in addition to the lists published.
Fifteenth Regiment---wounded---Rufus Belding, N. E. Cole, John O’Neill, John Roach, N. A. Srunen, Edwin H. Tanner, J. H. Williams, Thomas Collins.

Casualties in Worcester County Regiments
Fifteenth---Wounded, Lewis Thompson, Co. H. Chas. Ritter, Co. H.

We have the following additional names of wounded in the recent battles:---
15th Regiment---J. Pecot, Orland Wetherbee, Co. B; 
Hersey,  D. Balreet, E;
Lieutenant Charles H. Oakes, G;
Geo. Y. Mason, C;
H. S. Land, F; 
Corporal Richard L. Jewell, A; 
Wm. H. Nichols, F;
R. W. M. Brainard, G;
Frank C. Bullard, H;
Edson D. Bemis, I.

The following are reported among the wounded in addition to those heretofore published:……
15th Regiment.---Thomas Collins, B; J. A. Richardson, B; D. Sherwood, I; W. Knight, I; John Ryan, sergeant, E; H. Newton, H; W. Dunn, H

Wounded officers in Washington.... Lieut. H. T. Dudley 15th.

In addition to the lists published here before we have the following…….
15th Regiment- A Dewley, E Greenleaf, Robert Swaine, M. A. Sears, A. (Alonzo) M. Jones, J. (James) Smith, J Ryan, C. H. Mellen, Michael Leonard, G. F. Mason, H. S. Lane, R. S. G---rell, Wm. H. Nichols, corporal, J. F. Kerout, E. H. Newton, Benjamin Stevens, W. A. Sutton, R. M. Brainard.