from The Worcester Aegis and Transcript, 2 Nov 1861(Volume 24 #41),
Wounded of the Massachusetts Fifteenth Regiment

Lieut. Col. George H. Ward, left leg below the knee shot away;
Capt. S. S. Sloan, Brookfield, wound in left foot;
Sergeant Geo. E. Tiffany, company G, Wayne county, N. Y., shot in right arm and abdomen;
Corporal Frederick D. Robbins, Grafton, company G, gunshot wound in throat;
Corporal Wilder S. Holbrook, Upton, company H, gunshot in right shoulder and ankle;
Private Charles H. Stone, company H, gunshot wounds in right thigh and ankle;
Ralph T. Finney, company D, Worcester, gunshot wounds in both thighs;
Horace Day, company G, Grafton, bullet wound in left foot;
George B. Simmonds, company B, Leominster, bullet wound in right thigh;
Wm. L. Fuller, company G, Millbury, Mass., bullet wound in right leg above the ankle;
E. B. Pitts, company H, Northbridge, bullet wound in left thigh;
E. R. Brown, company H, Northbridge, bulley wound in the neck;
Augustus Remick, company I, Webster, Mass., bullet wound in left chest;
Orderly Sergeant H. P. Jorgenson, company A, Leominster, Mass., bullet wound in the right arm;
A. W. Cowdrey, company A, Leicester, bullet wound in the left thigh;
Edward Lord, company A, West Millbury, Mass., bullet wound in the left ankle;
Thomas A. Southwick, company H, East Douglas, bullet wound in the left thigh;
Samuel B. King, Co. K, Arlinville R. I., gunshot wound in the right thigh;
Samíl T. Smith, Co. C, West Boylston, gunshot wound to right hip;
Willard Sawyer, Co. H. Whitinsville, gunshot wound in the right shoulder;
Corporal George T. Daniels, company B, Fitchburg, bullet wound in the right wrist and shoulder,
Corporal H. Collar, company H, Marshbaug, Conn. bullet wound in scrotum;
Private James Kelly, company G. Saundersdale, Mass., gunshot wound in right arm;
Denman C. Judd, company H, Upton, Mass., gunshot in left leg;
Edmund C. Arnold, Co. H, Uxbridge, gunshot wound in the right arm;
Alonzo B. Belknap, company G., Wilkersonville, wound in right chest;
Orderly sergeant Lyman Doane, company F, East Brookfield, Mass., gunshot in the right side of head;
Private E. L. Adams, company F, Worcester,, gunshot wound in the wrist;
Corporal George Darison, company H, Whitinsville,, bullet wound in the leg;
F. H. Dickerson, company F, Amherst ,both legs shot off above the knee;
J. B. Searer. company H, Milford, gunshot wound through the left thigh.