from The Worcester Spy, May 25, 1864(Volume 93 #21),

Capt. Albert Prince, Co. E, at Annapolis, wounded in knee;
Capt. G. W. Brown, K, American House, hand and finger gone;
Capt. James May, I, American House, contusion by shell in head;
Adjut. Nelson V. Stanton, Annapolis, breast and back;
Lieut. George S. Simonds, killed;
Lieut. Henry G. Dudley, wounded, knee;
Lieut. Amable Beaudry, H, Annapolis, wounded left leg;
1st. Sergt. Fordyce May, A, wounded, left thigh;
Sergts Geo. O. Wilder, A, killed;
Henry Houghton, D, wounded;
Edward Cudworth, E, Mt. Pleasant, leg;
Henry J. Ball, E, probably mortal;
E. H. Newton, F, Harewood hospital, slight;
O. H. Oakes, D, Judiciary,, left arm;
J. H. Williams, H. in wrist;
E. H. Tanner, H. severely;
Wm. H. Palmer, I, head, probably mortal;
A. H. Pierre, H, killed; (Rice)
---- Simond, K. hand; (Samuel J. Simons ??)
David Mullen, wounded; (??)
Richard Flaherty, K, arm;
Corporals R. L. Jewell, A; Benj. Stevens, F; Wm. A. Mullet, F, Harwood hospital, wounded;
Elliot Robbins, F, right leg;
J. M. Howe A, killed;
Geo. S. Williams E, killed;
N. A. Seaver, H, Lincoln hospital, wounded;
R. H. Belding, H, Lincoln hospital, wounded;
A. W. Garside, wounded and missing;
J. F. Bartlett, killed;
J. S. Rirpart, G. Harewood hospital, wounded; (??)
John Nash, I, Campbell hospital, wounded; (??)
Edson D. Bemis, I, Campbell hospital;
M. D. Tucker, I, severely;
James Hart, K, wounded;
A. M. Jones, K, leg amputated;
Privates Thomas Collins, B, Columbia hospital, wounded;
J. Richardson, B, Columbia hospital, wounded;
J. E. Morse, B. Mt. Pleasant hospital, wounded;
Orlando Wetherbee, B, Alexandria hospital, severely;
H. T. Pope, B. reported killed;
Flavet Leach, B, leg;
Peter Dawson, C, Lincoln hospital, wounded;
G. F. Mason, C, Harewood hospital, wounded; (??)
Peter C. Cane, D, Emory hospital;
Chas. Lamb, D, wounded;
Wallace Crawford, thigh;
Bernard Schmidt, F, killed;
Felix Sherbernoe, E. killed;
John Grobe, E, eye, slightly;
Geo. Shortsleave, E, leg and arm;
Henry A. Bayer, E, Alexandria hospital debility; (Henry Koch ??)
Thomas Thompson, Judiciary hospital, wounded;
Melvin B. Roe, E, Lincoln hospital;
John B. Marcy E. Carver hospital;
Francis L. Kirby, E, Carver hospital;
H. L. Lane, F, Harewood hospital; (H. S. Lamb?)
W. H. Nichols, F, Harewood hospital;
Joseph Picot, F, Harewood hospital;
Jos. Berry, G, in lung;
R. M. Brainard, G, Harewood hospital;
Joseph OíNeil, H. Lincoln hospital;
Alfred Rolle, H, do.;
John Ryan, H, Emory hospital;
Frank Ballard, H, Harewood hospital;
H. W. Dunn, H, Campbell do.;
W. J. Cole, H, killed;
James Roach, H, unknown;
S. W. Russell, H, do.;
James Pevy, H, do.; (Ray)
Daniel Sherwood, I, Finney hospital arm;
Vernon Negus, I, do., right hand;
Charles H. Mellen, I, do., left leg;
Terrence Riley, I, reported killed;
Robert Swain, I, killed;
John Smith wounded severely;
Robít Swan, I, Lincoln hospital; (??)
Thos.Welch, K, Emory (hosp)
W. A. Tucker, A, leg;
Wm. Farrell, K, groin;
Oscar S. Perry, K, wounded;
James Sullivan, K; Martin McBride, K, killed.