from The Worcester Spy, 15 June 1864(Volume 93 #23),
The Fifteenth Regiment

We have received from acting adjutant Geo. C. Wilder of the 15th regiment a complete list of the killed wounded and missing of that regiment from the 4th of May, when the army crossed the Rapidan, to the 26th of the same month, when they were near Hanover Junction;---

First Lieut. Geo. B. Simmons, Sergt. A. H. Rice, Sergt. Geo. E. Wilder, Corp. Geo. S. Williams, Sergt Wm. L. Palmer, Corp. J. F. Butters, Corp M. D. Tucker, Color Corps M. S. Clark, H. T. Pope, J. M. Howe, Privates Barney Schmidt, Felix Shubenow, Joseph Bonner, James Perry, Martin McBride, and James E. Sheppard.

Adjutant Nelson V. Stanton, contusion of the breast and back; Capt. Geo. W. Brown, finger amputated;; Capt James May, slight; Capt Albert Prince, slight; Lieut. H. T. Dudley, slight; Capt. Samuel J. Fletcher, arm; Lieut Anabie Beaudry, leg.

Co. A---Sergt F. May, leg; Corp. George Stevens, breast; Corp. R. I. Jewell, hand.

Co. B---Sergt. Frank A. Brown, side; Sergt Flavel Leach, thigh; Corp. H. L. Sheldon, scalp; Privates W. W. Crawford, leg; John E. Morse, arm; Cornell Sansea, thigh; C. Wetherbee, shoulder; F. Cobleigh, head; Ferdenand Clauser, leg; Thos Welch, arm.

Co. C---Color Sergt. Layfayette Warden, severely in leg; Privates C. V. Marsh, hand; R. K. Cooper, arm; James Coates, leg; James Mason, finger amputated; Albert Smith, leg; S. R. Kilburn, arm and side, has since died; John Cornhau, leg amputated; Chas. A Tenney, foot; C. A. French, hand ; Peter Dawson, hand.

Co. D---Sergt. Henry Houghton, ankle; Color Corps, J. B. Gibson, slight; Corp. Albert Megan, thigh; Color Corp. Geo.W. Farr, do; Privates Chas. A. Gleason, finger amputated; Henry Dawson, slight; F. W. Fiske, do; Chas. A. Lamb, do; Samuel Slater, do; Peter C. Cain, hand amputated; M. Holligan, hip.

Co E---Sergts Edward Cudworth, leg; H. J. Ball, arm and side severe; Privates J. B. Marcy, slight; Geo. Shortsleave, leg amputated; Geo. O. Williams, arm.

Co. F---Sergts L. G. Lamb, contusion, thigh; E. H.Newton, hand; Corps. William Mullet, shoulder, severe; E. H. Robbins leg; Privates Benj. Stevens, arm; W. H. Nichols arm; Joseph Pecot, arm; Jas. Lyons, wrist; H. S. Lamb, hand; E. L. Adams hand; E. H. Smith, shoulder, serious.

Co. G---First Sergt Chas. A. Oakes, arm; Corp. J. S. Kirkup, hand; Privates John Martin, slight; R. M. Johnson, finger; Joseph Berry , breast; C. A. Rockwood, arm.

Co. H---Privates James Roach; Corp N. Seaver, Private Henry Dunn; Sergt. E. H. Tanner; Sergt J. H. Williams; Privates John Ryan; Corp. Rufus Belding; Privates Alfred Rolley, Wm. J. Cole, in bowels, has since died; S. W. Russell, arm and side severe; J. O’Neil, slight; J. Morau, slight; James Ray, leg amputated.

Co. I---Corp. Edson Bemis, in groin, severe; Privates C. H. Mellen; J. Smith, side severe; Robert Swain, Daniel Sherwood, F. O. Riley, and John Sullivan.

Co. K--- First Sergt. S. J. Simmonds, two fingers amputated; Sergt John Mullen, contusion, back; Color Sergt. Richard Flaherty, left arm; Privates W. J. Knight and I. Welch; Corp. J. Hart, knee, serious; Corp. A. M. Jones, right leg amputated; Privates Jas. Sullivan, breast, slight; Oscar Perry finger amputated; R. Welch, right leg, severe; Wm. Wilson, right leg, slight; W. J. Farrell.

Co. A---Sergt John Trippe

Co. B---Privates Jas. H. Adams, Thomas Barclay, Thomas Collins.

Co. C---Sergt. A. D. Wright, Private H. Reed,

Co. D---Privates F. W. Eaton, Josiah Stone; Geo. B. Newton

Co. E---Privates Geo. P. Davis, A. B. Hudson, Geo. O. Williams, John Grob, Daniel Donahu , F. L. Curby, H. A. Baker.

Co. F---Private John Keenan

Co.G---Corp. J. H. Kimball, Privates R. M. Brainard, Walter H. Stetson, Hermann Meyer.

Co. H.---Private James Quinn, Color Corp.Garside, wounded.

Co. I---Privates Chas. Bean, P. Sheridan, P. Mulvany, L. Greenleaf.

Co. K---Privates Chas. Wood, M. M. Wetherbee, Thos. White.