from The Worcester Spy, June 22, 1864(Volume 93 #25),

Mr. T. W. Wellington arrived home from Washington Thursday morning. Mr. Wilder remains and will be assisted by J. Stewart Brown in the care of the wounded from this vicinity. It is the general rule at the Washington hospitals to transfer sick and wounded men to northern hospitals as soon as they are able to be moved.

The following wounded men from this vicinity are reported by him as follows, in addition to previous reports:

Twenty Fifth Regiment---Lieut. J. C. Woodworth, hand, better and will be saved; Wallace C. Butterfield, Fitchburg, F, Campbell hospital, wounded in knee and leg, probably will be amputated; E. P. Lawrence, Worcester, H, Armory hospital, right arm and hip, not dangerous; James Mitchell, Shrewsbury, E, Lincoln hospital, flesh wound in thigh; A. W. Ellenwood, Fitchburg, F, Lincoln hospital, left leg amputated above knee; Asabel Aldrich, Webster, F, Lincoln hospital, bullet through shoulder, doing well.

Fifty Seventh Regiment----John S. William, Worcester, H, Campbell hospital, left arm to be amputated above elbow; George Billings, Springfield, C, Campbell hospital, thigh, not dangerous; Alfred Grove, Milford, F, Campbell hospital, shoulder, slight; Oliver Demeritt, Holyoke, Lincoln Hospital, right hand; Wm. H. Blauvelt , Springfield, E, Lincoln hospital, sick with lung fever; Julius Dugar, Pittsfield, D, Lincoln hospital, elbow and breast, doing well; Amasa Rivant, East Hamilton, B, Lincoln hospital, thigh, doing well.

Thirty Sixth Regiment---Sergt. Alonzo H. White, Upton, I, Campbell hospital, left side, doing well; Henry A. Thompson, Fitchburg, A, Lincoln hospital, wrist doing well.

15th Regiment---M. D. Tucker, Windsor I, left thigh and left knee, not dangerous; Wm. Wilson, left leg, not dangerous; S. W. Russell, Webster, arm and side, not dangerous.

Lewis Elwell (?), Sergt. Frank Wright(?), Wallace N. Park(?) flesh wound in arm, all removed to Philadelphia.

Mr. Wellington states that there is much that can be done for the assistance of the wounded by sending agents, and that two at least should be constantly there. It is stated that the barracks at Camp Scott are to be made ready for hospital purposes, and that orders to that effect have been issued.

A private letter to this city gives information that the following men of Co. D. were wounded June 31(?) Sergeant William D. Ford, in thigh; James Thompson and Warren A. Alger in arm, slight.