from The New York Times, 10 May 1864(p. 8),
THE CASUALTIES.; Arrival of Wounded in Washington, via Aquia Creek.

On Saturday, between 400 and 500 of the slightly wounded, that is those who could walk, started in one body to readh our lines. After holding a consultation they decided to pass through Fredericksburgh and from thence to Aquia Creek, that route affording the best chance of excape. Arriving at Fredericksburgh their formidable appearance, a portion of the men still carrying their muskets, prevented any serious offensive operations on the part of the rebels; but when attempting to cross the river, they were fired upon by a party of bushwackers. These they speedily dispersed, but some 150 of the most seriously wounded turned back, and it is supposed rejoined the army. The remaining 280 succeeded in reaching Aquia Creek in safety, where, during the day they were taken off and brought to this City (Washington, D.C.) by the Government dispatch boat.

Six of the party who ventured upon an island in Aquia Creek were captured by a roving party of bushwackers.

Three reporters who were captured by Stuart's men, succeeded in effecting their escape and joined the above party at Aquia Creek. Several reporters who attempted to reach our lines are still missing.