from The Webster Times, December 19, 1912(Volume 53 # 39),

Webster - The will of the late Capt. Amos Bartlett, Webster, who died Nov. 30, was filed in the Probate court Monday by Atty. Charles Haggerty of Webster, on behalf of the executors. No bond being filed with the will, which requires no securities, no figures are given as to the probable values of the estate, although conservative estimates place it of about $250,000. The income of the property under the will goes to the wife, sons and daughter and after the death of the widow it is to revert to the children.

The estate of Capt. Bartlett consists mostly of personal property, largely stocks and bonds. At one time he was the holder of a substantial block of the stock of the Slater mills. He had for years conducted the woolen end of the mills but abandoned this work several years ago., but continued as a trustee with Hon. Charles G. Washburn and Frank Bulkeley Smith, who were also named to act under the will of Horatio N. Slater in 1899. Capt. Bartlett resigned as trustee under the will a year ago. As trustee and as one of the executors he was entitled to receive under the will something like $120,000 for his services which dated from the death of the testator. Then there were items which would increase this by much more, all this in addition of a bequest of $ 5000 under the will

The will was filed in Probate court Monday afternoon. To each of his grandchildren, the children of his son, Spaulding Bartlett and his wife Georgia Slater Bartlett the testator gives $2000. E---- ------ Carrington, a niece also received $2000. The residue of the estate, real and personal, is bequested to the wife, Emma Spaulding Bartlett, and the sons Spaulding and Sidney K. Bartlett, and a daughter Lucia Bartlett. The income of the residue is to be divided as follows: Three-ninths of the total income of the estate to the widow, three eighteenths of the total income to the son Spaulding three eighteenths to another son, Sidney K. Bartlett; three eights of the total income to the daughter Lucia.

After the death of the wife the estate is to be divided among the children in this proportion; Lucia Bartlett, Two-fifths; Spaulding Bartlett, three tenths, Sidney K. Bartlett three tenths. For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of the will the wife and children are named as executors and trustees. The will says to this connection: “And in making the members of my family the sole trustees and executors of my will, I do so with the purpose of leaving to them, and to them alone, full power and discretion to care for, dispose of and distribute my estate without the intervention or interference of any other trustee or executor; my purpose being to have my estate held intact in my family during the life of my beloved wife as if I myself were living and managing the same, and at her decease to have my estate divided among my three children in the proportion I have named.” The will is dated July 1, 1901, and the witnesses are Charles Gerber, H. M. Knowlton and Atty. Charles Haggerty