from The Worcester Palladium, 8 July 1863(Volume XXX # 27),
Death of Col. Ward

Among the sad casaulties of thee battle of Gettysburg on Friday, was the death of Col. George H. Ward, commander of the renouned Fifteenth Massachusets Regiment, he was 37 years old. He was a modest man, but of sterling character. He aided in raising the 15th regiment, and with it left the camp in this city in August 1861. The field officers were Col. now General Devens; Lieut. Col. Ward; and Maj. John W. Kimball, now Colonel of the 53d Massachusetts regiment in Gen. Banks army.

In the battle of Ball’s Bluff Col. Ward was struck by a cannon ball which shattered one leg making amputation necessary. At home on a furlough, while recovering from his wound, he aided essentially in organizing new regiments of volunteers, and also in recruiting for the 15th. Ever anxious to rejoin his regiment he went back last winter and took command of the 15th as its colonel; falling at last, as so many other brave men have fallen, in defence of the government and the country.

The Funeral of Col. George H. Ward. The funeral service of this gallant and patriotic officer will take place at the Salem Street Church at four o’clock this afternoon. The military committee of the City Government have the direction of arrangements. The escort will be performed by the State Guards and Highland Cadets.