from The Webster Times, July 4, 1912 (Volume 53 #16),

Companies E and I association of the 15th regiment, Massachusetts volunteers held their 45th annual reunion, in Memorial hall in Oxford, Saturday; President William F. Miller called the meeting to order at 11;30 o’clock, and the reports of the secretary and treasurer, Leonard E. Thayer, for the year 1911 were read. Henry J. Ball, Elias B. Wakefield and John W. Humphrey were appointed to bringing a list of officers, and on their recommendation these were elected: President, Elias B. Wakefield, Webster; vice-president, Frank Eaton, Worcester; secretary and treasurer, Leonard E. Thayer, Oxford; chaplain Rev. Albert Tyler, board of directors, Frank Eaton, James E. Clifford, Clinton, and Hiram J. Raymond, Dudley.

These were elected honorary members of the association: Franklin P. Ballard, Auburn; Michael Schofield, Webster; John A. Taft, J. Edward Nichols, Sereno N. Howe, Silas Newton, Emory D. Moore, Rev. Hiram D. Philbrook and Irving J. Johnson, Oxford. Elias B. Wakefield, who had compiled a list of the original members of Co. I, 15th regiment, turned it over to the association, and the secretary stated that he” had the original muster roll of Co. E. and would add it to the records.”

Henry J. Ball was called on for a song and with Mrs. W. F. Miller as pianist, gave “Tenting on the Old Campground”. Michael Schofield followed with “Marching Through Georgia” and then they both sang “America,.” the members joining after the first verse. Alexander Johnson sounded the dinner call. Headed by the drum the assembly marched down to the lower hall; where dinner had been prepared by the women of Charles Devins Relief Corps, G. A. R., and after a blessing by Rev. Albert Tyler, these sat down:

President and Mrs. William F. Miller, Leonard E. Thayer, George Coggins, Elias B. Wakefield, Henry Brandes, Louis Pattison, Michael Schofield, Albert R. Shumway, Henry A. Moffitt (brother of Albert S. Moffit who d. 1864), J. Edward Nichols, Stephen Russell, Sereno N. Howe, E. D. Moore, Rev. Albert Tyler, Silas Newton, Richard H. Murray, Arthur W. Brown, Henry J. Ball, Hiram J. Raymond, John W. Humphrey, Frank Eaton, John A. Taft, Alexander Johnson, Homer S. Joslin, James H. Carling, James E. Darling, Irving H. Johnson and Patrick Foster. After dinner, William F. Miller called the gathering to attention, and the veterans and guests stood in silence, with heads bowed in respect to the memory for those who have answered the last roll call.

Retreat was then sounded by Alexander Johnson, and the company went into the upper hall again, and cigars were passed around. Leonard E. Thayer made the statement that “Oxford always had the reputation for hospitality and was still living up to it.” The dinner was complimentary of a citizen of Oxford. Letters of regret were read from Harry Harold, Akron, Ohio, Oscar L. Gile, Lynn; Patrick D. Kenney, Stapleton, N. Y.; George W. Ward, enroute to London; Col. E. L. Russell, Windsor, Vt.; Capt. David M. Earle, sergeant at arms of the senate at Washington, who said “The wicked democrats are keeping me here or I would be with you today.” Patrick Healey, Webster; Alonzo R. Walker, Brooks Station, Peleg F. Murray, Cleveland; and Frank Eaton, Worcester.

William F. Miller, after giving a resume of the history of E. Co., from the time it went to camp Scott, Worcester, June 28, 1861, and the first two years of the war, called upon the president elect, Elias B. Wakefield, for a speech. Homer S. Joslin, was called next, and gave impressions of the address given by President Lincoln at Gettysburg; Louis E. Pattison, who served four years in the artillery, spoke next, and then President Miller called on Michael Schofield.