from The Webster Times, 1 July 1920 (Volume 62 #14),

The 53rd annual reunion of Companies E, I and F of the 15th Massachusetts Volunteers was held in Webster Saturday, with a roll call, business meeting and dinner at the Joslin House. A feature of the gathering was the presence of E. Walter Smith, son of the late Col. Henry E. Smith of Worcester, who was elected an honorary member of the association. Col Smith was one of the active and prominent members of the association and the gathering this year contained a sad note because of his passing. Clarence E. Cleveland of Webster also was elected an honorary member of the association.

The election of officers resulted in the following choice: President, William F. Miller of Worcester; vice-president, E. B. Wakefield of Webster; secretary and treasurer Leonard E. Thayer of Oxford; directors, E. B. Wakefield, Leonard E. Thayer, and Peleg F. Murray of Worcester

Those present were Charles H. Burleigh, 51st regiment, Worcester; E. B. Wakefield, Co. I, Webster; L. E. Pattison, 5th Massachusetts Battery, Webster; William F. Miller, Co. E., Worcester; James D. Callahan, Co. F., Marlboro; Sumner E. Bannister, Co. F.,Worcester; Merritt A. Towns, Co. F., Holland; James E. Clifford, Co. E., Clinton; Peleg F. Murray, Co. E, Worcester; John L. Humphrey, Co. E., Oxford; George E. Ward, E. Walter Smith and Clarence E. Cleveland; honorary members were also present.

Following the business meeting in the parlors of the hotel, a dinner was served at noon.