from The Webster Times, August 23,1923(Volume 65 # 22),
Mrs. F. H. C. Berger Observes 83rd Birthday at Her Home On East Main Street

Mrs. Louise E. ( Redemann ), widow of Frederick H. C. Berger, is today celebrating her 83rd birthday anniversary, and the day is being made especially pleasant by a family party at the home tonight, where three of the four sons will be present to assist in the observance of the day.

Mrs. Berger is the oldest member of Nathaniel Lyon Woman’s Relief corps, and members of the corps took occasion this afternoon to visit the home on East Main street and present a bouquet of flowers, together with their felicitations, on the occasion of her birthday.

Atty Frederick H. Berger, clerk of First District Court, August J. Berger, employed at the East Village office; Henry J. Berger editor of the Lockwood Paper Trade Journal, New York, and Joseph W. Berger, of Beacon N. Y., are the four sons. Because of press of business at just this time, Henry J., was unable to be present at the family gathering tonight.

At the little home, 22 East Main street, built by her husband soon after they were married, and where all the years of her subsequent life were passed, Mrs. Berger is today receiving the congratulations of the townspeople, scores of friends and neighbors joined inn their felicitations.

Mrs Berger was born in Hanover, Germany, and came to the United States with her parents when 13 years old, coming to Webster where the family settled. They lived in what was known as the Cody place on East Main street, almost opposite where their present home is located.

She was married to Frederick H. C. Berger September 22,1862. Mr. Berger had returned from an enlistment during the war, was married and reenlisted again, serving another reenlistment, returning to Webster when the war was over.

The father of Mrs. Berger, Godfred Redemann, was killed at the battle of Antietam in 1862. Her husband was one of the most prominent of the German born residents of Webster during his life here, died five years ago.

Mrs. Berger enjoys health that is considered excellent for her four score and three years of age, and the anniversary today was made a pleasant and informal affair, no big celebration being planned. Three grandchildren will be present at the family gathering tonight. Margaret E. and Louise Helen, of Webster, and Joseph W., Jr. of Beacon, N. Y.