from The Webster Times, January 30, 1919(Volume 60 #44),

E. B. Wakefield, lockup keeper and janitor at the Engine building, celebrated his 75th anniversary Wednesday; celebrated it in a quiet way, by doing his work as usual, few besides his most intimate friends knowing of the event. Those who knew about it wished the veteran all the good wishes and many congratulations in messages were received.

One of the last three survivors of the famous Slater Guards, Mr. Wakefield expressed himself as feeling fine, and in good health and spirit, tho it was 75 years ago Wednesday when he first saw the light of day. He was born in Webster, the son of Leonard and Huldah (Gleason) Wakefield, and with the exception of a few years in Washington, Oxford and Worcester, has always made his home here.

He was the first man to operate a machine by power in the Corbin shoe factory, and was called to the factory while living in the Gore, where he made shoes by hand, as was the custom in those days, workmen taking the shoe home to be made, returning them to the factory. He was a shoemaker in his earlier life, and remembers the old methods, and also the new, having had experience in both systems. During the time of his residence in Washington, he saw Lincolnís second inaugural, the funeral of the martyred president, and also the inauguration of Hayes.

With Patrick Healy of Dudley and Dyer Cady, formerly of that town, and possibly one other, Mr. Wakefield represents the sole survivors of the famous Slater Guards. He enlisted in response to President Lincolnís first call for three years. He is a member of the Nathaniel Lyon post, G. A. R., and has held practically all the offices of that organization.

For 25 years he has been lockup keeper, and for 5 years was probation officer, and nearly all of that period janitor of the engine building. He is on the job every day, and few would believe that he has reach the 75th milestone. Mr. Wakefield announced that his health was fine, and that he bids fair to emulate the long life of his grandfathers, both of whom lived to be 94 years of age.