from The Webster Times, 1 July 1890 (Volume XXXII # 19),
Annual Reunion

Co. E. held its 23d annual reunion in memorial Hall, on the 28th ult. The meeting was called to order by the president, B. B. Vassall.
Of the members present there were
B. B. Vassall, of Worcester;
L. E. Thayer, of Oxford;
F. F. Murray of Worcester;
William F. Miller of Worcester;
A. B. Yeomans of Oxford;
O. L. Guild of Lynn;
Geo. W. Albee, of Sutton;
L. G. Kirby of Paxton;
E. Lovely of Spencer;
H. J. Ball, of Webster;
George Faulkner, of Southbridge;
C. F. Dudley, of Oxford;
I. T. Johnson, of Oxford;
John Humphrey of Oxford;
James Clifford, of Clinton.
The officers elected were the same as last year, President, B. B. Vassall, Vice-President, C. H. Watson, Pittsfield; Secretary and Treasurer, L. E. Thayer, Oxford; Directors, A. B. Yeomans, Oxford; A Murphy and W. Y. Woodbury, Charlton.

Dinner was enjoyed at G. A. R. Hall, where the Ladies Relief Corps has spread a royal repast in the room next to the place of meeting. President Vassall gave in brief a history of the re-union on which occasion the company had been the guests of Col. DeWitt as long as he lived, then of Geo. Hodges while he lived, and then of Mr. Howarth, Lt. Hyde, Hon. A. L. Joslin and now of the town. Then he introduced the respective speakers of the day, Comrade Murray, who spoke of war scenes and particularly of Amos Shumway who fell at Antietam. Sec. Thayer read extracts from an address by Clara Barton, G. F. Daniels made appreciative allusion to the debt of a grateful country owed to its soldiers.

Rev. Mr. Tyler gave the reason for his interest in Co. E, more than any other company. Rev. Mr. Preble gave an outline of his experience in the war, in a neat manner excusing himself by introducing Comrade Bracken, the new postmaster at Webster,, as a man of letters. Mr. Bracken gave an entertaining account of his getting into the army. John E. Kimball Esq. spoke in a general way of the occasion and its lesson; he was followed by Comrades Chaffee, Yeomans, Humphrey, Johnson, Ball, Guild, and Rev. Mr. Coon. The talk was concluded by Geo. H. (W.) Ward, Esq., of the Spy, the elder son of Col. Ward, the old commander of the regiment.