from The Worcester Daily Spy, January 20, 1862(Volume 17 #17),
Massachusetts Prisoners Released

One hundred and fifty prisoners have just been released by the Richmond government, in exchange for an equal number of rebels. The following are the Massachusetts names……

Fifteenth Massachusetts Regiment.…….
Albert Litchfield of Fitchburg, Co. B;
Sergeant W. A. Cook of Clinton, Co. C;
corporal C. M. Smith of Worcester, Co. D;
N. A. Vial of Oxford, Co. E;
J. H. Williams of Oxford, Co. E;
Patrick Moore of Millbury, Co. E;
James H. Belcher of Brookfield, Co. F;
A. D. Ward of Brookfield, Co. F;
J. S. Nichols of East Brookfield, Co. F;
Dennis Murphy of Upton, Co. H;
J. W. Foster of Northbridge, Co. H.

A dispatch, speaking of the one hundred and fifty prisoners, of whom the above are a part, that came down from Richmond, Friday, states: Two of them escaped from the prison late Thursday night, and got aboard the boat, and were concealed by their comrades, and one evaded examination by jumping, whilst the other was detected and taken back. All the prisoners are convalescents from the hospital. About twenty had crutches, and a dozen had to be carried on board on cots. All had been wounded.