1899, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, in the Advanced Corresponding Style of Graham's Standard Phonography", produced by Andrew J. Graham & Co., NY., including "Testimonials, Opinions of the Press, etc."

An accurate list of the OFFICIAL Court Reporters of all the States having laws for their appointment, has been compiled this year (1S93), at great labor and expense, and conclusively settles the question as to which system is most generally used by the expert reporters of this country.

From Henry L.. Burnell, Official Reporter of the Pennsylvania Senate.

Dear Sir : I was very much interested in the conclusive exhibit of the superiority of Standard Phonography made in the August and September numbers of the JOURNAL. It confirms my own observation, covering a period from 1868 to date, as to the large majority among the official reporters of the United States who write the Graham system.

For my own part I can say that I began with Benir Pitman, dallied considerably with Munson, and was introduced to Standard Phonography while at Michigan University by W. J. English, Esq., and at once recognized its superior merits, adopted it and have been preaching it to all who have come in my way ever since, and my faith in it grows with every new occasion in which I am called on to put it to a severe test.

I have tried it in all the variety of work that an extensive practice in courts has demanded, in sermon reporting, medical association, political and literary work, and have never found it wanting. Last spring, as the reporter of the Pennsylvania Senate, I enjoyed opportunities to test it on a variety of subjects and with some rapid speakers commanding a broad vocabulary, but, as always, it demonstrated its entire adequacy for whatever purposes reporters use short-hand.

A reporter is not always satisfied with his own performances, however perfect the instrument which he uses, in the variety of physical and mental conditions in which he may find himself during a long period of years devoted to hard work, but he can always lean with unfaltering confidence on Standard Phonography, no matter what else may fail, in his most exacting tasks.