Camp Winfield Scott near Yorktown Virginia
May 3rd 1862

Dear Father and Mother. I write these few lines to you hopeing to find you in good health as this leaves me in at present thank God.

Dear Parents I have not much to say in this letter for I wrote one to you yesterday. the weather is very warm today and there is heavy cannonading all day but it is nothing uncommon to us for we hear them every day.

I signed the alotment role for twenty dollars to be sent to you each pay day and they have not taken out but 10 dollars of my pay this pay day. if they have given you the twenty dollars they will stop it from me the next time. I have got sixteen dollars now so I thought I would send you ten dollars of it. enclosed you will find 10 dollars.

no more at present. I am in good health. no more at present. J.T.

we are going out on picket tomorrow morning and if there is any news I will write and let you no.

Good by.