Camp in the woods about
10 miles above West point
Virginia May 15th 1862

Father and Mother. I write these few lines to you hopeing to find you in good health as this leaves me in at the present thank God.

Dear Parents I received your letter of the 12th about ten minutes ago. I have been expecting it for a week past. we have moved from West point. we moved yesterday.

we moved yesterday. it rained all day. the mud was knee deep and so slippy that it would give any body enough to do to keep there feet. as it was there was a great many fell down and got all over mud. I think the mud here is a great deal slippeerryer than Massachusetts ice.

we are in camp now ten miles nearer Richmond in a large pine wood. I think if this army stay in Virginia a great while longere there wont be a great many fences to be found in the state.

it is pleasent to day. our General got orders last night to camp where we are untill further orders. the roads are very bad to day. I have heard that our advance force is in Richmond. the news has just reached camp.

I dont think of any more to say only that I am in excellent health. we left one of our boys sick at west point when we started. he was carried aboard one of the Hospital boats and it is reported in camp to day that he is dead but I hope it is false for I liked him very well and I think all the boys liked him. his name is Frank Pope. I would not say anything about it for it may not be so.

Dear Father. you said that you were very short for money. I am very sorry that I cant help you any more ?? out. I will not keep a cent in my pocket when I think you want it, so enclosed you will find 5 dollars. You need not worry. I think I can get along. all that I am sorry for is that I cannot send you some more. I dont think of any more to say at present.

Good by. no more at present from your son Joh Toomey.

write soon
I wish you would send me some more postage stamps when you write again. dont send a great many at the time because they are a bad thing to carry. it is impossible to get them here. Good by.