from Pension File of John Toomey,

Dr. Joseph N. Bates states
that he has known Dennis Toomey, of Oxford, Mass., for the past eighteen years, and during that period has treated him at different times for liver complaint, dyspepsia, migraine, vertigo and asthma;

that he prescribed for said Toomey as far back as 1861 but cannot speak of his (Toomey's) physical condition in 1862, as he (deponent) himself was in the U. S. Army during that year;

that said Toomey always was a busy man, but never able in deponent's opinion, to do the work of an able bodies man.

Deponent is unable to state whether or not said Toomey could or did provide a comfortable support for his family during the years deponent has known him, or what his pecuniary resources have been during that time.