from Pension File of John Toomey,

Early in 1863 as the documents will show I applied to the state authorities to see if they would help me to find the remains of my son for interment as his mother worried day and night about getting his remains and being exhausted by sickness, doctors bills, trouble and death and having no money, I applied later to the town authorities, they telling me at the time of his death that they would pay the expence of getting his remains .

I never got any help from town or state which the documents will show except 20 dollars from a few good men and when I saw their contzribution I left it to themselves as it would not get me a coffin to putt his remains in.

I then in November 1865 applyed to my cousin John Mahoney and one Daniel Cooney to assist me in finding the remains of my son and each of them gave me 100 dollers which the documents will show.

I went to Far Oaks in Virginia and found his remains and brought it home for interment, and with the balance of the $200 left me, I paid Ellen E. Walsh her money then ?? for four years.

I did not repay the widow of Daniel Cooney for five years afther this, that is in 1870.