from The Worcester Daily Spy, October 29, 1863(Volume 18 #246),
The Worcester 12th Representative District

The republicans of Brookfield and North Brookfield have nominated for representative of that district, Captain Edward J. Russell of North Brookfield. Capt. Russell has been identified with the renowned 15th regiment from the first, and in many a hard fought battle has shown himself among the bravest of the brave. While a lieutenant he was connected with the Brookfield company, but when promoted to a captaincy he took the command of the Worcester company.

He recently received an honorable discharge on account of physical disability, having been partially paralized by a sun stroke. His fellow citizens, in appreciation of his brave and patriotic services, have conferred on him this honorable distinction. It is a happy circumstance, in this instance, that the candidate has not only a creditable record as a soldier, but good mental qualifications for the office, and a high moral character.