from The Worcester Daily Spy, November 10, 1863(Volume 18 # 256),
Sick and Wounded Soldiers.

We have received from Washington the following complete list of soldiers, from this county, in all the hospitals at either washington or Alexandria. The list is quite small, owing to the absence of battles of late. it is also to be observed that the list changes every day, some returning to duty, while new patients take their place in the wards of the hospitals:

……….15th Regiment: J. S. Flanigan of Northbridge, Alexandria, diarrhea;
E. Booth of Fitchburg, Harwood, foot;
F. Merrifield, of Worcester, Mansion, head;
T. Welch of Blackstone, King street, fever;
G. Stearns of Oxford, Mcveigh, tonsilitis;
M. Kelley of Millbury, Desmoines, eyes;
A. W. Rice of Leominster, Stanton. leg;
A. Benjamin of Worcester, Stanton, leg;
J. Brown of Northbridge, Lincoln, fever;
J. T. Dermis of Grafton, Lincoln, diarrhea;
W. A. Belcher of North Brookfield,, Campbell, rupture;
J. E. Black of Worcester, Grosvenor, bronchitus;
Lewis Deux of Worcester, Finley, fever;
Charles Malhert, of Grafton, Campbell…….