from The Boston Journal, 18 Feb 1889,
Charged with Robbery

Leominster, Mass., Feb. 17

Saturday Evening the police arrested one Wilbur Joy for the robbery of R. B. Andrew's store on Friday night. Joy had just completed a long term in prison for breaking into a store in Sterling and leading a vagrant life. Previous to his term of imprisonment he lived at times in barns and huts in the woods, stealing his food and avoiding work. He had wild visions of the great West, and aspired to be a noted rover.

Since the robbery strong suspicions rested on Joy, with some facts to confirm them. He was arrested at the Cummings House in the pool room. On being searched at the station one watch and chain was found on his person. Sunday morning his room at the Cummings House was entered by the police and sixteen watch chains, six watches, four revolvers, rings, studs, etc., were found in his trunk. He answers no questions. The goods were identified.