In the case of Jane N. Berry
a pensioner, Boston Agency, by Ctf. No. 10463, in which charges have been made that pensioner has remarried, I have the nohor to submit the following report:

Upon inquiry at the Pension Office I learned that pensioner was paid June 4 and her P. O. address was given as Linden St., Somerville, but when I went to Linden St I found she had not been there for four or five years. I then looked up the people with whom she lived in Somerville, found them to be relatives but they had not had much to do with her because of her habits and mode of life. They did not know her to be married.

I then went to Pawtucket and Providence and obtained such evidence as I could which shows that she has lived with one Leonard Washburn as his wife since the spring of 1876 at at E. Providence and Pawtucket; that they left Pawtucket some four or five months ago.

The neighbors where they lived on Pawtucket Plains are all Irish who did not have anything to do with the Washburns; one Irishwoman in whose house Mrs. Washburn came on the death of a child said she called her Mrs. Washburn and she answered to that name and gave no other.

Washburn claims that they were married but she denies it. I was told that one Silas Mansfield now of Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., was quite intimate with them.

I was not able to learn definitely where they went from Pawtucket as they gave two or three places as their destination. I have caused inquiries to be made which will probably give me their present address when I shall see them. She is a "tough" character and it is possible that they are not married as he is a good deal older then she. I have thoroughly searched the marriage records of Somerville, Boston, and Providence from '65 but find no record of any marriage as they have been in so many places however it is almost impossible to know if there be a record of not.

I took the names of the witnesses when she was paid June 4 and found one of them lives in Lynn, has no acquaintance with pensioner save that she has seen her a number of times at the office in Boston. As pensioner has continued giving her address as Somerville she has probably picked up her witnesses each time at the Pension Office.

There was nothing in the police records at Providence which gave any clue as to a marriage; she was down as Jennie A. ?? on the records. There was found among her effects a card of the Boston Public Library for Jenni8e Berry of 77 Carver St. I went to that ?? and found it a tenement house and the family now there had been there for over three years during which time the pensioner has not been there. Neither pensioner's name or Washburn's is in any one of the Providence directories so that it is probable they never lived any length of time in that city.

I will send an additional report if I learn anything new.

Very respectfully
E. H. Craig
Special Agt.

Hon. J. A. Bentley