that he is a member of the policeforce of the City of Providence and towards the latter pat of Dec 1877, affiant arrested a woman in Providence for shop lifing who upon arrest gave her name as Jennie Nash;

that she was kept in prison over night it being Saturday and the next day, Sunday, affiant with Officer Swan went to the house where the woman claimed she lived on Pawtucket Plains and searched the house finding pension papers of one Jane N. Berry as the widow of Wm. Berry a Lieut of the 15th Mass;

that then the woman claimed that she was Jane N. Berry and the pension papers hers; meanwhile a man driving up to the house affiant went out to see the man, the woman having admitted that she was living there with a man named Washburn -- and asked him if his name was Washburn; he replied "that it was" and then affiant asked him "if he was looking for his wife", he waid "he was" and affiant told him she was inside: in the mean while he saw the woman through the door and said she was his wife and asked her where she had been.

Affiant then asked him "how long he had been married to her" and he plied "about two years and a half."

that prior to affiant's finding the Pension papers, the woman claimed she was keeping house for a man who lived there named Washburn and there being but one bed affiant asked here "where the man slept" and she replied "upon the floor" and upon the pension papers being found she denied positively that she was married to the said Washburn;

that the neighbors in Pawtucket knew her as Mrs. Washburn.