Pawtucket, Providence County, R. I.
Jan 8th 1878

In compliance with the request contained in yours of the 3rd inst; have made inquiries concerning the person named.

The Chief of Police of Pawtucket informs me that Mrs. Berry and the man Washburn live together as man and wife to all appearances and are so known by their neighbors.

The enclosed slip cut from the "Providence Daily Journal of Monday Dec 24th, 1877, contains the substance of information given me by Officer Parker of the Providence Police, with the exception that he stated, when he and Detective Swan visited their residence in the outskirs of the Town, in search for stolen goods, the found but one bed in the house, the woman denying that she was married to this man, led them to enquire where the man slept. She said he too the floor with some blankets.

Officer Parker further stated that when the woman was under arrest for shoplifting, Washburn made his appearance at the Station, and inquired for his wife, saying he understood she was under arrest.

This is the only instance I can find wherein he directly referred to this woman as his wife, and none that she hs spoken of him as her husband, but all appearances indi8cate that they have lived together as such.

The other slip enclosed was cut from the Pawtucket Gazett & Chronicle of Dec 28th 1877.
Very Respectfully,
E. A. Perrin, P. M.