from The Fitchburg Sentinel, 5 March 1903,
The Suicide of Frank Scott.

Dr. D. S. Woodworth visited the late residence of Frank Scott in Ashby, Wednesday afternoon, and learned these details:

About 9 a.m., Mr. Scott arose from his bed and went into the kitchen, where he procured a carving knife. He then stood before a mirror in the kitchen and drew the edge of the knife across his throat, slashing it from ear to ear. He then started toward the sink, but fell so that his head, chest and right arm, with the knife in his right hand, went into the sink and he expired in that position.

A young son, who had just stepped outside the outer door, came inside the house and, seeing what his father had done, went at once to a woodlot and notified an older brother who was chopping.

The floor was covered with blood.

A daughter, Miss Alice Scott, had driven to the city and, when she returned home, she was notified of the sad occurrence and returned to the city for assistance, as related in Wednesday's Sentinel.