from The Webster Evening Times, 1 Dec 1927 (Volume 5 #51),

Oldest Member Of Fire Department Will Succeed Elias B. Wakefield Who Retires
From Service At Half Pay Pension

Louis Bellmore, veteran member of the Webster Fire department, and one of the most popular members of this department, was last night appointed janitor of the Engine building and lockup keeper, to succeed Elias B. Wakefield, who resigned.

The resignation of Mr. Wakefield who is commander of Nathaniel Lyon post, G. A. R., and the sole surviving member of the Slater Guards, was accepted by the selectmen, Mr. Wakefield’s retirement carrying with it a pension of half pay. This pension was voted when the citizens of the special town meeting Monday night adopted the provisions of the law governing the pension allowed to Civil War veterans.

The action of the board in the appointment, gives to Mr. Bellmore a position where he will constantly at the Engine building, which is the fire headquarters, and is in effect a permanent fireman at headquarters. Members of the department last night conveyed their congratulations to the new lockup keeper when the news of his appointment was known.

During his 40 years in the department, Mr. Bellmore has filled many positions and at one time was in charge of the fire engine now junked at Wilsonville. With the arrival of more modern apparatus, he became a driver on the trucks and for many years had charge of the equipment there. His son Arthur Bellmore, is chief of the department.

Mr. Wakefield who retired with many years service, is the last member of the G. A. R. who was engaged in regular duties every day. Mr. Wakefield continued his work as keeper of the lockup and janitor long after all his associates had retired from active labors. A few weeks ago he expressed a desire to retire, but it was found at the time that the town had never made any provisioning a Civil War veteran after such service. He was induced to continue at the work, and the town adopted the provisions of this law at the special town meeting Monday night.

The salary of the janitor is $75.00.