from The Webster Evening Times, November 3, 1927 (Volume 5 # 28 ),

Webster’s sole remaining Civil War Veteran who is “still in the harness” will, at his own request, very shortly resign his position and join the ranks of so many of his comrades who have retired from active work. Elias B. Wakefield commander of the Nathaniel Lyon Post, G. A. R., and president of the 15th Massachusetts association, the sole survivor of the “Slater Guards” has asked to be relieved from his duties as lockup keeper and Janitor of the engine building.

His request quite properly furnished the occasion for the Selectmen to express to the veteran the thanks of the townspeople for his splendid service, and to further congratulate the veteran of the Civil War who is still carrying on his regular duties, while he remains the only member of the post, and one of the very few men in the state in active service.

Mr. Wakefield’s resignation presents a problem for the board, in that acceptance of his resignation is not possible at this time because of the fact that he is a veteran, and the town has not accepted provisions of the law whereby his action is a simple matter of form.

That however, is beside the question. It is the service that Mr. Wakefield has rendered and is still giving that wins the admiration and respect of the townspeople. He has performed the duties well and faithfully, and feels that in the twilight of his life, he will rest from active work. He has surely earned such reward, and as an expression from the town “Well done, good and faithful servant.”