from The Worcester Daily Spy, 19 May 1892,
The Doctor Arrested: Death of a Wesleyan Girl who formerly lived at Northboro.

Springfield, May 18. -- Dr. David G. Overand of this city was arrested this evening for committing an abortion on Edna (sic) E. May, a member of the senior class of Wesleyan Academy at Wilbraham, who died at her home there this morning. It is claimed that the oeration was performed by Dr. Overand in this city yesterday.

Dr. Webber of Wilbraham and Dr. A. O. Squier of this city, who were called to the case early this morning, at once recognized the girl's dangerous condition, but despite every remedy, she died in three hours. The case was reported to Medical Examiner Breck of this city, and after he had made an examination and secured information, he ordered the arrest of Overand.

Miss May was 19 years old and lived in Northboro previous to moving to Wilbraham with her mother to attend school.

Dr. Overand was arrested Oct. 29th 1885, on a similar charge, the victim in this case being Adelle S. Leonard, a domestic. Her family lived at Shutesbury, and she worked at a number of places and in several families in this city. It was believed the operation was performed tendays before her death, and she stated that Dr. Overand was the physician. The doctor has lived in this city 24 years, first engaging in the drug business, and, after studying at the Yale Medical School, engaged in active practice.